Friday, 16 September 2011

Fashion is all about being you-Come lets define Fashion

Fashion is one of the most influential phenomenon in the western civilization.In todays world fashion is all about how you feel
Your attitude is fashion
Your clothes is fashion
Your  style is fashion
Your hairstyle is fashion
You way of talking is fashion
Your choice is fashion!!

Lets understand what fashion is what if fashion is not about wearing those skimpy outfits or those branded clothes with tongue turner English .
It reflects a person’s personality as a whole and that is why it is said look good feel good .
Nope I am not fashion writer or consoler or a fashion industry person but defining fashion is all about living and wearing as you think is right.
Fashion is not universal ,it changes its face every now and then .
You are different now as you were in college or school  and so will be fashion.
Sense of clothing will have ranges with centuries !You were different clothes when you are in office or parties or with friends or weddings or seminars and that is also a fashion
There is fashion trait in modernity too,Fashion is at times irrational when it comes to define it

Below are some of the collection of images of different fashions
Some are Indian,some are western and some are unimaginable .
I hope you will find some of them good to wear too. 

We use fashion everyday ambiguously or purposely whether its good fashion or bad it is fashion,and you can define fashion in broader sense .
Copying somebody's style is also fashion,don’t lie me you don’t do that!
We copy our friends /siblings/neighbors/colleagues/relatives who not.
Even we point out strangers for good or bad fashion

  Fashion fades but Style is eternal -anonymous

looking forward to some more fashionista 

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