Friday, 9 September 2011

From Cinderalla to Shaadis

its hot topic for almost all girls i must say..n if its not then there is some problem ;)
Girls started dreaming of their prince right from the day they were born(its too filmy)i know..i mean the cinderalla days you knw..i actually liked the cinderalla wala prince .and we all gals use to thing muje bhi aisa hi prince mile .then  when we as friends use to play ghar ghar..i use to play the character of mummy(it was easy while playing) and the best guy use to be was lovely to cook in those little playful utensils.Then came the days where nani/dad/fupi started saying you should smile properly or walk properly or talk properly /learn cooking/helping mothers its going to be your future profession(training from several years for our prince)...other wise how you will manage your future home(and we girls are still in those cutest dreams with pink frocks and pink hairbands)..started the days of crushes too..butterflies in the stomach ..with so much of innocence on the face..the world is turned very beautiful till now..even if somebody says you looking nice..its like day is over kind feeling..Rose day was funn too
Dreamy fairy world is so awesome and so good i must say.whenever me and ma cousins use to go to shaadis..we use to dress up almost like we are attending award functions..and we are going to get those best actress ka award.i use to plunge at the buffet system..use to fill my i hav' nt ate for the whole  previous week..lolz.

I was lucky to attend so many shaadis as my nanis house was behind shaadi wala hall..especially in day three shaadis ..morning/afternoon/evening..and there goes my nani ..she says aaj kuch nahi banayeg(she knows almost all the people from the whole mohalla or mansion)..her bag is full of invitation cards..(i also have some of them..dont know why they spent so much on cards).. that is the reason i would love to spend my vacations at ma nanis place

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