Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Its Facebook now ..not Face to Face

First came Orkut the name really sounds me like chirkut(the mumbaiya slang).In my college ,computer lab I saw my friend logging into Orkut .The user interface was amazing with lots of photos on the right side ,then some colored fonts .yes the interface at first glance was attracting and interesting.Within some days I was member of the attraction too.
Then came Facebook with a boom ,social media became one of the  important task of the daily activities for School/College people .The future is not far when people will have their whole lives online  .It is said An idea can change your life and yes it certainly did look your life is rotating around Facebook,linkedin,Twitter,MySpace.We all enjoy our life with these social weapons or blessing name it either .People announce their wedding/parties/New jobs/New homes/Poojas/Eid wishes/Celebrations  mere by flashing a status .Amazing!! things are so easy yet not so happening when we personally announce those stuffs .Facebook had made a really good point to bring your world together people who are from same school,people who are in same locality,or people who are in same company and mind you some are strangers too.
Are they really providing such high end services free ,I wondered  and pondered and the answer is no ..NO.They are consumers in small number hitting us we are in big numbers .Facebook is a internet business which earns in large number even  when you simply click a like button(are you thinking how many times you clicked like).And it is the future of marketing its widely known as push marketing,gone are the days when marketing   was limited to radios ,televisions,Ads,banners etc.and cynical mind realized the best way of marketing is through the network,I am sure you will once visit the shop which was recommended by your friend rather than a stranger.
Social media targeted human minds who... don’t wants to be famous like celebrity just by sharing pictures or status message(I personally salute the mind of the makers ).
If you are a business person it can work for you too or against you .Everyone in the social media is the source of information for you .
Like it or not but its like melding of two worlds and its vicious circle .foreg:- your friends sent to invite you accept it in his circle you one more friend who knows you,thus the cycle goes on,you  are extra happy to have large numbers in the friend list.There is so much of transparency you never know!
Still have fun with this social networking!!!


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  2. Aafsoas; FB is only virtual and not real :(

    You cannot see the expression only emoticons :(

    Face to Face is always gr8 :)

  3. yeah ...and we are real not virtual