Friday, 28 October 2011

Pizza Parrot

"You better cut the pizza in four pieces because I'm not hungry enough to eat six"

Pizza the name itself is so mouthwatering. But it is rightly All that which glitters is not gold (I never meant a gold pizza here ).Pizza is a Italian baked dish which is mostly round in shape and cheesy in taste with various toppings added to color your stomach. You use pizza in parties and at times whenever you feel like, same here

But never knew that pizza would ruin my day and burn my pockets, I did not meant it literally. That day I did not brought tiffin to office, and felt to fill my stomach with cheesy round baked item called pizza. I called up Pizza mud (not a original name of course), after deciding upon so much, on the column criteria of price, taste, crust, toppings, non veg or veg etc. I finally decided for Regular size non veg pizza however I wanted to opt for pan pizza but it is not delivered. After waiting for an hour, there came a small box (much smaller than my palm)”Its regular size mam”..Yeah why costing so much,did you cost me the boz ,take it back(I wanted to say that). The tiny tot pizza was looking like a cute baby with a innocent smile what a chick!!On the table, I said to myself I am not gonna share this one!!the tempting smell woke everybody on the table.I ate it as if somebody is forcing me to eat,it obviously did not fill my stomach!
On the same day, mom asked me out for pizza at dine(wow I love to eat with moms money).I said no, Pizza mud(not a original name of course) and we decided to go to Modinoes(name changed),they got pizza mania there very cheap, we ordered regular one not from the pizza mania list..(i do same mistake on the same day I thought it was not a sin) and one pizza mania(great fact both were twin sisters)same size and almost same toppings too, however the twist is ,one is much cheaper than other. And it also did not fill our stomachs. Salute to marketing strategies
So next time when you order regular ones, go for the cheap ones !!

At least you will not become Parrot of the day

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Top ten facts about yourself

Umm,Its great to know about yourself from others ,am I right or Am I right ?
We are so use to comments about ourselves from others that we forget who we really are.
Dumb!! Or silly whatever be the adjective but it’s too crazy that we always like it when other praise us, compliment us and viceversa too, that things make us constructive or destructive!
Whatever you call it!
I have given my power; again and again to others, you make my day or waste my day…my mood depends on others no matter what. Is that you yes yes yes? Sorry for the bad humor

“Don’t give away your power to others “

Let’s start with the facts even if they are not said by others and you can answer your self

1. You love yourself no matter what – True (5)/False (2)

2. You are embarrassed by the weakness in you especially when pointed by others-True (4)/False (3)

3. You get a compliment, and it makes your day –True (0)/False (4)

4. Your personality is affected by wealth, fame and success-True (-1)/False (5)

5. You will love to attend a meeting rather than attending a Friends party (even if you want to attend it)-True (3)/False (4)

6. Definition of your self-esteem is how people will think-True (1)/False (4)

7. You think you will enjoy after age of 40-True (2)/False (5)

8. You love thinking about the future, rather than present-True (3)/False (5)

9. You still don’t realize you who are –True (5)/False (1)

10. You think above all are crap, I believe in myself and accept myself with all the flaws and believe that Err is human-True (5)/False (5)

Persons of high self-esteem are not driven to make themselves superior to others; they do not seek to prove their value by measuring themselves against a comparative standard. Their joy is being who they are, not in being better than someone else-Author unknown

p.s..-points cannot decide who you are,you decide yourself  

Thursday, 20 October 2011

What’s in the numbers?

My young brother Zaka hates when I say, “Is your math homework done?”
he replies very sluggishly,”doing”
I got punishment, when I was in 1st standard because table of 2 was not easy to gulp by me it was like who made maths .
But now you can ask me!
The day when I realized what is math’s and numbers all about!Zaka(my brother) asked me why always math’s what will I do with it.

Then I started pondering numbers and its importance, Check out the importance you will love maths 

1. Your sleepy day starts with number, alarm clock says “get up you idiot its 6am”
2. Wife or mother says how many eggs will you have one or two
3. Rushing to office, you are half an hour late to be precise 30 mins
4. Catching the bus no -210
5. Your office floor is 9 floors
6. I assume you work for your salary (how many digits-10 or whatever)it is still numbers
7. Your results in numbers, most tragic numbers they land you to best college or worst. Almost CMM levels companies hire us on the basis of the numbers, they say it above 65%,I say it numbers
8. Appraisals are based on ratings(are we so numeric,people judge us with numbers)
9. You buy a diamond necklace worth lakhs (L Tth TH H T U) do you remember this?
10. Girls favorite number their age!
11. Increasing weight is a number
12. So should I say the world is revolving around the numbers, Facebook hits, likes, statistics!bla bla
13. Birth dates, anniversary, Valentine’s Day, holidays are numbers
14.50% off Sale in Globus, how much % say that again?
15.I am too short of money this season, was calculating my budget that too in numbers.
16.Numbers are so powerful like stars

Dedicating one poem rhyme to maths
Maths maths everywhere,maths is in the air
Maths at shopping mall
Math at wedding hall
Maths had made my score
Maths had made me bore
Still Maths hit the floor

So Rethink about the value of math’s and numbers, when you Google who invented math’s you will salute the complex minds making most of our life through numbers.
Pythagoras discovering Pythagoras theorem
(Hypotenuse) 2 = (One side)2 + (Other side)2
Sir Isaac Newton , an inventor of infinitesimal calculus.
Leonhard Euler, who created and popularized much of the mathematical notation used today
Carl Friedrich Gauss, known as the "prince of mathematicians
So no single person have invented or discovered maths,but they all have imbibed in our lives since we were born, our date of birth

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

to be bride....must haves

Requirements for to be bride   

-She must be fair(don’t mind even if you are not able to see me in dark or I may look like some south Indian villain or you think fair and lovely are the best company when they produced men’s fair and lovely or people say opposites attract and you agree with them blindly)

-She must be good looking(and if I have no features at all and look like an ass when I smile, my neighbor children’s are scared of me .Even I try to be innocent the looks are too grumpy!!)

-She must be Young (I know my half-life is spent planning my studies and career ,but now I want to enjoy my life and I deserve the young  wife ,and I don’t mind if thinks I am uncle guy in the first look)

-She must be educated(I know I am Ph.D,but I will surely compromise if she is only Graduate, I have so much of money and respect that she doesn’t need to work)

-She must have nice Figure (its pretty okay if she does not have figure and body like models, but a big NO to fatties or plums please I prefer slim ones first, I know I have my stomach pouting out and cheeks like two vadapavs are filled in it and I almost look like a punch bag)

-I hope she know cooking very well (since I am bored of eating at 5-stars every time (look at the stars), I will be more than happy if she knows cooking very well!!As basics are known by any lady, I want her to be expert in cooking. She can learn cooking some varieties like Thai, Chinese, Italian, mughlai.)

-She must be parlor visitor (just making sure she updates herself even if I grow my moustaches and forget about it, I am a busy man you see).

However a disclaimer to be added over here, this does not apply to all guys ,as individuality exist.
So next time you visit a girls house to see her as life partner, put aside your clauses

Monday, 17 October 2011

The Art of handling caustic criticism

Number one: - “Who cares about others? “Attitude actually works. I don’t need to care about the acrid remarks other gave whether it’s good or bad. I know myself better

Number two: - Accepting Criticism is indirect form of self-boasting; do check out who is important you or the criticizer...Nothing for guessing

Number three:-Anyone can criticize, even fools do, but only stronger and wiser knew that individuality exist

Number Four:-don’t become the game of the criticizer, may be they hate you and know that you are peoples person

Number Five:-Be positive, if you’re in the arena you are doing, failing, learning and repeating that all over again and again. You doing something you think is times it really helps.

Number six:- Simply don’t accept the gift of a criticism. You don’t have to. Then it still belongs to the person who offered it.there are two ears given to you, if you like it keep in your mind otherwise, very wisely threw it off the dustbin.

Number Seven: - Make it easy for you! Think about which criticism can help you out.

Number Eight:-Focus on what you are doing well (I am sure there are must be many)

Number Nine:-Accept it that it will always be there with you, that’s pretty okay to be that way. It’s normal too

Think it over, smile and forget about the criticism

“Do what you feel in your heart to be right – for you’ll be criticized anyway. You’ll be damned if you do, and damned if you don’t.”

Assam whereabouts anybody?

Once ma friend asked me do you know anything about Assam?
 I quickly replied yes they are the Tea makers and that was all I knew about Assam. I knew my general knowledge is bad but so much bad no please.
Language of Assam is Assamese; population of Assam is a broad racial inter-mixture of Mongolian, Indo-Burmese, Indo-Iranian and Aryan origin. This state has lot numbers of tribes.This is all you can find on net said my friend I laughed and said what else do you want to know? He is like I want to know insights of Assam which is not found on net!Yes Google is the database of everything you want to search for, but there are things which you cannot find on net, I made a weird face and behaved like what this guy is saying!But it was fact, if you want to about real culture and people of Assam and their likings you need to experience that by talking to people of Assam and visiting the place
It’s the Oomph factor: 0
Waiting to write about Hojai a place in Assam but I guess have to ask the right people of Assam or nearby

Nope you are not wrong when you are thinking  I am researching for hojai, yes not finding much about it. The search results say all about Hojai College, travel guide, railway stations

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

All about Mumbai,India ...Dil se

Yes,I belong to mumbai,india and I am proud to be mumbaikar.

“Mumbai is the city which is compared to new York “.It  would sound very cliched to call Mumbai the New York of India, but that is what describes this city of dreams the best.
Mumbai is the place where you can see integrations of people with different religions, languages, states,minds,thinking's,personalities.Yet they live together with same belief all over Mumbai.Mumbai is the richest city in India with dazzling lifestyle and glittering streets.
People from all over India comes here in search of their dreams ..and many had fulfilled their dreams too. Mumbai is the commercial and entertainment capital of India, it is also one of the world's top 10 centers of commerce in terms of global financial flow. Mumbai echoes Bollywood and Business to people’s ears. Here you will find lots of people loaded in virar trains with dreams in their eyes and love in their hearts .In Mumbai no one hesitates to help you. People are very friendly .You will find equality in numbers as in lots of people in train,lots of people in local buses,lots of cars,lots of bikes.In another words if you see 10 people owning blackberry then you will also find 12 people owning reliance.and thus business prospers here .Here vadapav love is equivalent to MacDonald's burger love ,except the money!!
Mumbai is a fast city where people rushes from morning to night..they are all in hurry ..hurry to home,hurry to office,hurry to shaadis,hurry to parties,hurry to shootings,hurry to almost everything.
People are full of life here they celebrate almost most of the festivals you will see bright Mumbai in festivals like Ganpati,Ramzaan Eid,Diwali.
Shopping in Mumbai is an absolute delight. A house to all the brands of the world, this place also provides a good bargain for people who do not want to leave a hole in their pockets. Linking Road, Fashion Street and Lokhandwala markets are ideal places for the street shoppers and the young trendy teenagers where nice products can be purchased at really cheap prices. For the elitists, malls are spread all across the city, housing brands, making Mumbai a shopper’s paradise.
Food is the delght of the city you will find mouth watering delicacies and variety of street food which includes panipuri,dahi puri,pav bhaji,kulfi etc

Mumbai thus is the definition of Urban India a city of magic . Not meant for people who love the calm and peace of the countryside you will lots of uneasiness ,t is however the best place to visit if one believes in living life to the fullest.

Monday, 10 October 2011

Wills Fashion week....Lets talk Fashion

Fashion week …omg…who isn’t crazy to watch those Fashionista ramp walks or cat walks or whatever fashion jargon they use for it.I and my sister was just fighting over tv channels and came across those Fashion channel ..Where we first saw those models walking a sister’s  first reaction was are they adivasis or something…and I said nope they are more mad than was said in my teens”And now I realized how  right I was “now when I watch those skinny models having absolutely nothing to show. Their faces stinks with no look at all..they wear whatever is given to them…Wearings shoes like a necklace is no innovation..and nobody is going to wear it either..what bother the designers to showcase this.Multicoloured hair doesn’t anyways enhance your looks..not in India at least please,people will tease you or may call you joker.and what is that fluorescent lipsticks please explain? Those killing seriously killing cruel looks with no smile at all.Aren't they really crazy?and tell me what it all works .the worst looking long legged and the best price goes to them and they call it innovation.Even if a model walked a ramp in a beggar clothes its all applause she will get .Wow lovely know The organisers promise to raise the bar and make HIFW an event to remember.yeah we can’t forget that.and you know what the most important thing here is they make it!they make lots of money out of this crazy stuff.Yes investors,financiers,organizers,event management,sponsors.You must have heard of Lake me  fashion week,wills lifestyle,Delhi fashion week etc.Yes it big name in the fashion industry and its all about money honey..darling all this high class people pass their time and since they have so much of money to waste why they won’t join these fashion weeks where they have all lots of media attention and all biggies .I wish someday I also might get to attend that fashion week live would add to my laughter and I love to see creative people too ;)