Monday, 17 October 2011

Assam whereabouts anybody?

Once ma friend asked me do you know anything about Assam?
 I quickly replied yes they are the Tea makers and that was all I knew about Assam. I knew my general knowledge is bad but so much bad no please.
Language of Assam is Assamese; population of Assam is a broad racial inter-mixture of Mongolian, Indo-Burmese, Indo-Iranian and Aryan origin. This state has lot numbers of tribes.This is all you can find on net said my friend I laughed and said what else do you want to know? He is like I want to know insights of Assam which is not found on net!Yes Google is the database of everything you want to search for, but there are things which you cannot find on net, I made a weird face and behaved like what this guy is saying!But it was fact, if you want to about real culture and people of Assam and their likings you need to experience that by talking to people of Assam and visiting the place
It’s the Oomph factor: 0
Waiting to write about Hojai a place in Assam but I guess have to ask the right people of Assam or nearby

Nope you are not wrong when you are thinking  I am researching for hojai, yes not finding much about it. The search results say all about Hojai College, travel guide, railway stations

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