Friday, 28 October 2011

Pizza Parrot

"You better cut the pizza in four pieces because I'm not hungry enough to eat six"

Pizza the name itself is so mouthwatering. But it is rightly All that which glitters is not gold (I never meant a gold pizza here ).Pizza is a Italian baked dish which is mostly round in shape and cheesy in taste with various toppings added to color your stomach. You use pizza in parties and at times whenever you feel like, same here

But never knew that pizza would ruin my day and burn my pockets, I did not meant it literally. That day I did not brought tiffin to office, and felt to fill my stomach with cheesy round baked item called pizza. I called up Pizza mud (not a original name of course), after deciding upon so much, on the column criteria of price, taste, crust, toppings, non veg or veg etc. I finally decided for Regular size non veg pizza however I wanted to opt for pan pizza but it is not delivered. After waiting for an hour, there came a small box (much smaller than my palm)”Its regular size mam”..Yeah why costing so much,did you cost me the boz ,take it back(I wanted to say that). The tiny tot pizza was looking like a cute baby with a innocent smile what a chick!!On the table, I said to myself I am not gonna share this one!!the tempting smell woke everybody on the table.I ate it as if somebody is forcing me to eat,it obviously did not fill my stomach!
On the same day, mom asked me out for pizza at dine(wow I love to eat with moms money).I said no, Pizza mud(not a original name of course) and we decided to go to Modinoes(name changed),they got pizza mania there very cheap, we ordered regular one not from the pizza mania list..(i do same mistake on the same day I thought it was not a sin) and one pizza mania(great fact both were twin sisters)same size and almost same toppings too, however the twist is ,one is much cheaper than other. And it also did not fill our stomachs. Salute to marketing strategies
So next time when you order regular ones, go for the cheap ones !!

At least you will not become Parrot of the day

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