Tuesday, 18 October 2011

to be bride....must haves

Requirements for to be bride   

-She must be fair(don’t mind even if you are not able to see me in dark or I may look like some south Indian villain or you think fair and lovely are the best company when they produced men’s fair and lovely or people say opposites attract and you agree with them blindly)

-She must be good looking(and if I have no features at all and look like an ass when I smile, my neighbor children’s are scared of me .Even I try to be innocent the looks are too grumpy!!)

-She must be Young (I know my half-life is spent planning my studies and career ,but now I want to enjoy my life and I deserve the young  wife ,and I don’t mind if thinks I am uncle guy in the first look)

-She must be educated(I know I am Ph.D,but I will surely compromise if she is only Graduate, I have so much of money and respect that she doesn’t need to work)

-She must have nice Figure (its pretty okay if she does not have figure and body like models, but a big NO to fatties or plums please I prefer slim ones first, I know I have my stomach pouting out and cheeks like two vadapavs are filled in it and I almost look like a punch bag)

-I hope she know cooking very well (since I am bored of eating at 5-stars every time (look at the stars), I will be more than happy if she knows cooking very well!!As basics are known by any lady, I want her to be expert in cooking. She can learn cooking some varieties like Thai, Chinese, Italian, mughlai.)

-She must be parlor visitor (just making sure she updates herself even if I grow my moustaches and forget about it, I am a busy man you see).

However a disclaimer to be added over here, this does not apply to all guys ,as individuality exist.
So next time you visit a girls house to see her as life partner, put aside your clauses