Thursday, 20 October 2011

What’s in the numbers?

My young brother Zaka hates when I say, “Is your math homework done?”
he replies very sluggishly,”doing”
I got punishment, when I was in 1st standard because table of 2 was not easy to gulp by me it was like who made maths .
But now you can ask me!
The day when I realized what is math’s and numbers all about!Zaka(my brother) asked me why always math’s what will I do with it.

Then I started pondering numbers and its importance, Check out the importance you will love maths 

1. Your sleepy day starts with number, alarm clock says “get up you idiot its 6am”
2. Wife or mother says how many eggs will you have one or two
3. Rushing to office, you are half an hour late to be precise 30 mins
4. Catching the bus no -210
5. Your office floor is 9 floors
6. I assume you work for your salary (how many digits-10 or whatever)it is still numbers
7. Your results in numbers, most tragic numbers they land you to best college or worst. Almost CMM levels companies hire us on the basis of the numbers, they say it above 65%,I say it numbers
8. Appraisals are based on ratings(are we so numeric,people judge us with numbers)
9. You buy a diamond necklace worth lakhs (L Tth TH H T U) do you remember this?
10. Girls favorite number their age!
11. Increasing weight is a number
12. So should I say the world is revolving around the numbers, Facebook hits, likes, statistics!bla bla
13. Birth dates, anniversary, Valentine’s Day, holidays are numbers
14.50% off Sale in Globus, how much % say that again?
15.I am too short of money this season, was calculating my budget that too in numbers.
16.Numbers are so powerful like stars

Dedicating one poem rhyme to maths
Maths maths everywhere,maths is in the air
Maths at shopping mall
Math at wedding hall
Maths had made my score
Maths had made me bore
Still Maths hit the floor

So Rethink about the value of math’s and numbers, when you Google who invented math’s you will salute the complex minds making most of our life through numbers.
Pythagoras discovering Pythagoras theorem
(Hypotenuse) 2 = (One side)2 + (Other side)2
Sir Isaac Newton , an inventor of infinitesimal calculus.
Leonhard Euler, who created and popularized much of the mathematical notation used today
Carl Friedrich Gauss, known as the "prince of mathematicians
So no single person have invented or discovered maths,but they all have imbibed in our lives since we were born, our date of birth


  1. hmmm whteva, Maths still SUXXxxx...

  2. oh really,but can you say its not in your life :)