Monday, 10 October 2011

Wills Fashion week....Lets talk Fashion

Fashion week …omg…who isn’t crazy to watch those Fashionista ramp walks or cat walks or whatever fashion jargon they use for it.I and my sister was just fighting over tv channels and came across those Fashion channel ..Where we first saw those models walking a sister’s  first reaction was are they adivasis or something…and I said nope they are more mad than was said in my teens”And now I realized how  right I was “now when I watch those skinny models having absolutely nothing to show. Their faces stinks with no look at all..they wear whatever is given to them…Wearings shoes like a necklace is no innovation..and nobody is going to wear it either..what bother the designers to showcase this.Multicoloured hair doesn’t anyways enhance your looks..not in India at least please,people will tease you or may call you joker.and what is that fluorescent lipsticks please explain? Those killing seriously killing cruel looks with no smile at all.Aren't they really crazy?and tell me what it all works .the worst looking long legged and the best price goes to them and they call it innovation.Even if a model walked a ramp in a beggar clothes its all applause she will get .Wow lovely know The organisers promise to raise the bar and make HIFW an event to remember.yeah we can’t forget that.and you know what the most important thing here is they make it!they make lots of money out of this crazy stuff.Yes investors,financiers,organizers,event management,sponsors.You must have heard of Lake me  fashion week,wills lifestyle,Delhi fashion week etc.Yes it big name in the fashion industry and its all about money honey..darling all this high class people pass their time and since they have so much of money to waste why they won’t join these fashion weeks where they have all lots of media attention and all biggies .I wish someday I also might get to attend that fashion week live would add to my laughter and I love to see creative people too ;)


  1. second that.
    They say only dogs go for bones. I really don’t understand why people drool over them. We are the ones who can afford to buy it. They are not even the owner of what they wear. It is such a bad feeling. You just have to wear like a statue.