Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Born in 1987

When I was born I was so surprised I didn't talk for a year and a half.

1987, it was indeed a great year I loved it.Not very strange reason I was born in 1987.Always was eager to know what all happen in this year when I was this blog is dedicated to all those who were born in 1987.
Let’s have a look

  • The first 3-D videogame is invented in 1987(I came to know about 3D so late)
  •  Disposable contact lenses invented(it was great invention)
  • Bollywood movie, Mr. India was released in 1987(I loved sridevi in it)
  • There was no Google yet or yahoo(no search engines, how did people live without it)  
  • Do you know who won Oscars that year, the movie called “The Emperor”
  • In this year, when you were bought on planet, books were still popularly read on papers and not on digital devices, the bestseller was “The Tommy knockers”…Have you read it or even heard about it?
  • Indian actress Kangana ranaut was born in this year (however I don’t think it’s true).
  • Microsoft releases Windows 2.0(means Microsoft was already born)
  • The Perl programming language is created by Larry Wall. (Sorry for adding this, I am from IT guys) 
  • Margaret Thatcher is elected as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom for the third time (this will help me in future.maybe for playing KBC)
  • Michael Jackson releases his hit album Bad (I am not his die-hard fan, but still its 1987 guys)
  • Eli Lilly & Company's Prozak was first sold to the public.1987 was the year that Red Bull started accelerating parties.A new word, "Borked" came into the political arena, meaning "railroaded through an interview, with no chance of being approved"Cost of a Superbowl ad in 1987: $600,000 
  • US Stock Market Crashes on Monday, October 19th , 1987 with a 508 point drop or 22.6%
Ephemeris of 1987,I don’t believe in astrology but what’s in have a positive look, I hope we all are praud(proud)to be 1987.i mean born in 1987
Congratulations, it’s the year of Rabbit said by Chinese astrology.
This doesn’t anyways say that you were rabbit or you will become rabbit. It means you have some traits of rabbit. I remember my mom love my ears (wondering are they like rabbit ears)..i am not soft as rabbit, although I love carrots.
 They say we all are generous (don’t know how), friendly (yes I am) and tranquil by nature. Rabbits (1987ers) enjoy paying attention to detail to create an ambience in their lives. Do you know after 1999; the next year of 1987ers (rabbits) is 2011.
OH, I forgot to say the greatest fact Farah’s birth year too ;)


  1. Me too 1987

    I am not able to follow you!

  2. hi megs aint able to join me...any error message?

  3. Thats cool...I never knew my year of birth is so special.

    village girl

  4. yes I am 1987 too...but why such a list? Does this makes us special.. LoL ..Its just another year ;-). How will it even matter if actress Kangana was born on 1987 or Actor Ranbir was born on 1987?. Does it really matters if Margaret Thetcher was elected prime minister of England or not? What matters is how we relate to it. Great research done! Much appreciated!