Wednesday, 23 November 2011

A Buffet Lunch United Concept Applied

Restaurant review

‘United we stand and divided we fall’, I don’t know who said this quote but it is applicable to all. First Retail sector applied the concept of unity of  different products in one you called it  Big Bazaar, Reliance Fresh  etc.

Then came food sector, they applied it to Restaurants, wow awesome brains!
Let’s start with Restaurant review.

A Buffet Lunch United Concept Applied
Have a look at the menu (Lucky it changes on day basis)
They know you don’t have to think and ponder what is it all about, the names, the dishes, starters, main course & Desserts. So they will do it for you, I mean the menu is predecided


Chicken Soul soup-Was tasting like Chicken soup (water in which chicken is boiled) + rice soup (water in which rice is boiled)….it was okay kind

For veggies Potato Soup-I did not taste it but potato soup!


On this side I said I would love to plunge on all the starters, even being strict non vegetarian (now).

Paneer something –Soft paneer with grilled spice in it

Papdi Cheese-This was not actual name,the waiter said something else ..a sevpuri wali puri…with vegetables and  melt cheese..nice combination….can I call it Cheese was nice creation although

Panipuri does not tasted as local pani puri,as this one contains mineral paani.

Mushroom cheese grilled...i don’t like mushrooms

Please koi Nonveg lao…

Tandoori chicken it was not our traditional Indian tandoori at all, some other masala they added, the taste was okies kinda, still I ate it

Fish tikka it was having mouth melting taste. And he gave it only oneL...But we were too shameful to ask it for more

Mutton seekh with pudina spice –for mutton lovers you will love it

So here was Hen, Fish and Goat on one table they were united in your stomach J

Main course was not self service

Salad Section
You can actually see lots of creativity in the section

Tooth pick with green chili dropped in vinegar
Ice berg leaves
Cucumber and beetroot
Corn salad
Raw papaya (awesome taste)

Main course

I don’t know why they called tandoori roti…bread

Phulkas on the spot

Veg handi he will make right in front of you
Veg rice
Dal makhani
Paneer palak(we called it palak paneer)
Murg Biryani (chicken they said it murg, again creativity used …many people don’t know what’s murg and this will be a uncommon dish for them)
Bhuna Fish –I t was authentic mughlai dish …awesome taste


Strawberry ice-cream
Butterscotch ice-cream
Chocolate cake
One more flavored cake
I never knew why watermelon was garnished with Pudina, in this section
Hot Jalebis
Moong dal ka halwa
Diya cake pudding(cake pudding in diya moulds)

That was all for Rs 450/- per person

What was good

The forest theme
The jungle costume of  waiters and waitress
The Jhinga lala music
Food variance ..some was okay and tasty

What was bad
They called it World on you plate,they should call it india on your plate..pani puri,palak paneer,phulka etc,these indian dishes
I found that starters fill you so much ,that you can just have a window shopping at the main course

But the food sector made it large, yes people like this concept as they think you get variety to eat in just rs 450/-

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