Thursday, 17 November 2011

Crazy Ads aur kya

You will get a gold coin in soap-Did anybody really got that?i did not neighbor wasted lots of money in buying dozens of that soap,however not even one gold coin(she would rather had bought  gold coin or silver one actually rates are higher nowadays).People really believe in these ads and buy it..Gold coin in Soap..Crazy

Star Diva ‘ “ degi aap ke sawlo ka jawab direct baat karne ke liye Abhi subscribe kariye..Rs 10 p/m .So cheap why we need to talk to the diva,whats the proof she is on the other side. And please why do not have to fantasize them so you think we are such a fool?what do these people think our IQ level is at -1?or lesser

Mango Drink ad Aapjeet sakte hain 1crore rupaye..Kya Colddrink pine se ek crore milege..i would pledge to drink and survive on Mango drink only…I will eat mango drink,I will drink mango drink and I will laugh mango drink..Bullshit .We don’t get 1lakh,working for full one month and we will get 1crore in minutes ,are we so nuts?

 One shampoo ad,a girl tied her hair to a pole on one side and started pulling her hairs,to show it is so strong,Excuse me,are you playing with us,we knew its not your hair,or even hairs ..nothing for guessing its black rope.

Answer a simple question Bol ____________ Bol tune yeh kya kiya.and chances to win Car.Are you talking about a toycar.?look sms charges will be 3 rs per sms and toy car will charge atleast rs 100.why the hell I will bother to answer

One more fool maker advertisement ..aaj Free LCD tv paiye,bas sahi jawab dijiye Bollywood kaha hain 1.India 2.Mumbai………thanks for giving me options I would use a life line here ..Free LCD ke liye kuch bhi karega

You must have seen that new ad on media channels , where they show two half faces demographic there ,so you should recognize these faces of the Actors/actresses and you would get lakhs of rupees. Wow lakhs for such a simple work…I promise I would stick to the idiot box for hours…I will be millionaire in a month

Wow this is great marketing they have done PhD to fool common people here,and we become the victims to these ads,actually but I must say how they use creativity at par and make lots of money.So tell me are you Fool of the day


  1. its really so cheap to see such ads there...
    u can get them everywhere... means either TV, Magazines, news papers, or on the web... they filled the space...
    well written...