Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Is somebody copying you?

If somebody trying to copy your signature you called it forgery, if somebody try copying your work its widely known as plagiarism. And thus they invented copyrights to protect the rights of the owner. But is it really reserved? What will you call when somebody tries to copy you in many ways?

We went shopping I picked up a earrings from tribal I loved it and the list goes on for shopping’s asked her what will you shop she said nothing now will shop later.
The other day I saw her with the same hairstyle as of mines and she was inquiring about the purse I got from Hidesign.I was calm and clumsy at the same time.
I know girls love pink color, but never seen even one pink in her wardrobe, but now she wears the same pink as I am wearing, I was like strange what’s to happening this girl. I was flummoxed and said in this world one Farah of my kind is enough I know that was crazy line, but tell me what you will do if your style is copied openly. What a guts madam .how can I say that y style is not generic, do invent your own! I wish I had a copy right for my style too, but then I calmed myself saying it’s okay “when something is copied it leaves its originality “wow but seems rubbish when the same feeling comes when I see the same color,hairstyle,clips,hairbands and accessories !!
It’s strange feeling indeed, nope its neither good nor bad. But why people can’t be real!
It’s not just limited to clothes and style, people at times copy thoughts (which cannot be copied in real life) virtually! If it’s for good then it’s pretty fine but bad ones can turn you into evil, what if we copy somebody lifestyle, I am poor cannot afford brands, still since everyone wears Prada, I too want Prada!
Or being called as modern it’s not about being in love with foreign culture it’s like imbibing all good things in you…its nothing bad in wearing western dress. But when you started showing skin and reveal yourself(even if it’s not comfortable)then it’s not you and not even your culture…Some people say proudly  I  listen only English songs, wear only western clothes ,I hardly know about my country but love other Countries etc.Excuse me ,what are you trying to say here..promoting other countries kya
You are very religious as a person, but you are shy to even to cover your head with duppata on religious occasions as you think what people will think. Then you are not you…you are what other people think.
It’s time to understand what we are, you can copy accessories and colors, but don’t accessorize yourself with foreign mask (coz it’s not you)


  1. Its true...I've always felt the same when I'm forced to go to temple even if I don't like to go there and believe that God is everywhere.The same is in the case of fashion too.

    village girl

  2. yes roopz it happens with almost all of us ..at times v realize at times we don't

  3. I really liked the style in your writing Farah.
    You will not be alone saying these.:-)
    But all I would like to say you is stay calm, because only originals will be imitated.
    Your style should have been unique for your friend to adapt it for herself.You can try giving her some suggestions how she can get her unique style.
    I have two younger sisters.My middle one always makes sure she is very unique and different from me.So even though we went to same school she never liked teachers who pampered me. But my youngest keeps doing things I do. The same continues until today when I took a career in IT she also chose the same as hers.
    So it means you are being a good role model for that kid.
    Does it pacify? :-)