Thursday, 10 November 2011

Shopping and you

QVENDO is a private online shopping club dedicated to luxury and exclusivity. QVENDO offers its online members the best in luxury fashion from around the world.

You have probably seen her.there are women like her in almost every country in the world.Her clothes are chic and stylish .Her skin looks smooth and you will notice its accessorized .you will love the stilettos with red nail paint.Wow lovely eye gears and dress is too stylish!wondering from where did she shopped “Qvendo” is the name.

As a women,we always wanted to look feminine yet stylish,After all looking good is women's right.Qvendo will give you all the rights to look stunningly beautiful with variety of choices.

6 Reasons for your Online shopping at Qvendo
1.Great discounts and slashed rates on sale campaigns, which change every 2-3 weeks. Items sell out fast in the campaigns,and its not uncommon so your shopping becomes designer piece.I know we  love being unique

2. User Friendly interface
it as easy as filliping a page of Vogue.You will love the attractive designs of the interface which will help you to make choices depending on colors,designs and categories
3. Secure online transactions
use Wire card AG, a payment service from Germany, which is a comfort when you re in the mood to splurge.
4.Delivery within a week at your home
With all freight, duty and customs charges taken care of. Qvendo instills faith
in you that the Prada bag you ordered is really shipped from overseas and not
stitched in your neighborhood cobbler’s attic.
5.Luxury feeling (Feel the gaga way)
exclusive and private, it’s a five star feeling that makes us feel special and
its good for our ego. By being part of this classy club,separates you from the
rest of the world, and reassures you, that you have that extra edge.
6.Discounted price
We love classy things with discounts with big labels ,I am sure you will love it

Poodle Bags

 Poodle Bags are well known name in Germany,you will get these bags as varieties like Celebrity,German couture,Funky line,entertain bag and Young art.So go Shop your type.They are urban and sporty.It will make you look always casual & cool look..

Poodle bags brings glamour to your shoulders ,I am sure girls you will love the collection of Celebrity bags which is made from finest leather

Funky line collection will add colors to your dressing style
 Young art bags are all for people who feel they are young,it has ranges awesome neon colors with all the graffiti powers added to it,its awesome collection of the young arts which will leave with lots of colors


Replay brand that brings all over the world its authentic and contemporary style.One stop shop for all your needs in Fashion Jewelry Necklaces Earrings Bracelets Bangles Kada Brass cuffs Anklets.You will enjoy the exotic collection of Replay jewels .It will add to your gorgeous look 

Jewelry and Accessories become the part of the whole outfit making it complete


My favorite

Luis Trenker

Luis Trenker gives classical shirt with felt  lettering, long sleeves, small embroidered Luis Trenker logo, crew neck, 100% cotton




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