Friday, 11 November 2011

Some whats....why not

Its strange but true,my stomach and mind both is always filled with questions and thoughts…people get pissed off and say,why do you question so much..let things be as it is or I don’t know the answer or may be you are right or I never thought of or I have more important work than answering you or will you shut up!

Lets have some whats here too!

-What if we go abroad with our old number mobile?will high rates be applied ,how much or how we will come to know ?does airtel exist everywhere ?

-Always thought of whats the difference between Microwave and oven….i thought it synonyms for each other or nick names….came to know in lunch discussion. Microwave is an appliance used in the kitchen and it heats food by the procedure of dielectric heating. On the other hand an oven is a thermally insulated chamber used for heating and baking of a substance.

-what s the paparazzi of money with actors and actress? What will they do with so much of money? 

-what’s the happiness of discounts in our minds when they are not actually discounts?

-What will bank do storing our money? How they get profits (I am not financial background)

-what is the secret combination of cements and stones. They load themselves with loaders after they are dried. I mean bridges

-whats the magic in petrol..why cars cannot survive without them?

-Whats with the same price of veg and non veg food in restaurants?veggies are not so costly as non veg..Dum alu Rs 250/- is highly overrated

-how can movies ticket be so costly..when we sit with so many people together?

Well there are many to pen down!...i know we all have questions to ponder about but at times Google also failed to answer it!


  1. Wats the issue with petrol price hike, when ppl blindly buy mineral water in cinema halls close to Rs. 80 per litre.. or for tht matter, they buy cold drinks close to Rs. 100 per litre?

  2. yes,and you know We think a lot when we have to give money to beggar even rs 10 seems to bigger…n we spent Rs 10 just on things like lays or something