Monday, 14 November 2011

You think you are deprived…think again

"If my world were to cave in tomorrow, I would look back on all the pleasures, excitements and worthwhilenesses I have been lucky enough to have had"

I always see people around me including me ….thinking about what they don’t have..starting with girls “Oh,I am so whitish..i wanna be fair like Kareena”! ‘I wish my hairs were naturally straight “!”fish,I am so fat”….why I am so short look at those models?..why my eyes keeps plunging out…Why do I look like this?...i have so much of low self-esteem..
While others…I wish I had salary (whatever you wish for) even u are earning Rs 50,000/ want more don’t you!my friend recently got a new car..i cant afford a poor(u think u are poor..if u cant afford a car)..Ipads,Apple,Black-berries,Bugatti's,Range rover,Royal parties,Big bungalow owners are the happiest person on earth..They are not deprived of anything!Wow I wish I had more…Don’t we all think this,at least one of the above.

I had this thought when I was very low thinking about the deprivation!,i don't have this & that !  All of the sudden one of my friend started saying about her cousin, who is about 12 years old and suffering from diabetes…how can 12 year old be diabetic?yes she is diabetic who have to inject herself daily(as both her parents working)she herself inject herself(think of injections ).She is deprived of eating junk food, creams,cakes,pastries,rice,spicy food.She is teenage girl who have to adjust herself all the time.Have you ever controlled yourself for not eating MacDonald's burger!Some even say she has become weak too.this is just a short real time scenario.

But there are many who even cannot think about those deprivations, as they have no intellect to even think about,child labor,poor people,unhealthy people!!!May Allah bless them all
If we are healthy,living at home,3 times proper meal,clothes which are washed!then we are lucky enough to live life happily....but the urge to get more than what we have ..we forget living and start complaining about whatever we have  ..i know we get more than this!
We are not deprived we just get more than what is required !
And we should thank our gods for what he gave us !!and  say We are lucky
Good luck

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