Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Colorful chicks at Home

Winter in Mumbai means  Pet chickens at home,my brother make it a point to celebrate Mumbai so called winter with colourful chicks at home.You will get them at local bazaars of Mumbai in cheap rates as Rs 15/couple (wow here they are so human they want to stay  as couples so they don’t miss the living  beings at human's home ),there are variety of colors in them choose what you like ,my brother says this is not their original color.Don't know how those young ones (we named them as "chinu" and "minnu")bring lots of smiles to our faces,their chirping however at times makes a presence even at night.They show us how to be naughty and fearless at same time (as they jump from high ends)as if they are trying to please us or flirt with us ,we still don’t know what genders they are .They love eating coriander's from the same plate(each other mouths).And the way they sun bath in balconies as if a beautiful lady is taking sunbath at Goa beach. But the loved them while drinking water ,they drink water(the only drink they know)as if the best drink in the world with all the pride raising a toast to God,up in the sky!!!!

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