Wednesday, 14 December 2011

How to recognize a person is Dowry minded?

 Dowry or Dahej  is the payment in cash or/and kind by the bride's family to the bridegroom' s family along with the giving away of the bride

How to recognise a person is Dowry minded?

 ·         When a guy is more keen to know about the girl’s father then the girl(What your father doing? Is he having his own business and in which part of countries?)Poor girl thinks is this guy a gay and interested in my dad..whatever 

·         His Family is interrogating each part of your house ,you have two drawing rooms in such a metropolitan city(excuse me ,drawing room why do you need that ) 

·         Guy’s Sister, “Brother look at the items in the food they are more than I have imagined in my whole life”(she is having her own thinking process)

·         Is she your only daughter?if your answer is yes.Their faces will light up like 100 watt bulb(I hope you know what are they assuming) 

·         My daughter just know basics of cooking,but she will learn it ,listening to this they respond…”No problem,we will keep maid for cooking”nowadays girls don’t cook.(Really why so ?)

·         Is you  jewellery from tribhovandas?if you answer it yes ..(your would be in-law would whisper I have seen this kind of jewellery only in posters) 

·         While the family is more interested in striking a deal to unlock their kismet ka taala

DOWRY = Death Of Wedding Responsible You

Don't choose to be a Criminal,
Of Murder of a girl cold blooded and brutal.
Stopping DOWRY is the key,
Neither ask nor give,
Set her free.

Guy’s dowry is not only crime but a criminal thought of a relationship!!


  1. a good take on dowry,, was humorous too. (the e magazine)

  2. yeah no dowry awareness was the main point here ..i see at my office educated people dream about dowry so that it will make them rich

  3. Got to know your blog through indiblogger and I really liked your post on dowry!! great stuff!! <3

  4. I am fighting a divorce for the reason mentioned. I had the courage to say enough is enough. But there are so many suffering in silence. I hope everyone reads this and gets more aware.


  5. @pink orchid...yes i hope everybody understands that dowry is crime...may allah bless u and give u the power to fight

  6. Hey awesome post! Lovely points!

  7. Today I saw "Satyamev Jayte" on Star Channel and I am happy that some people have taken steps against dowry and unnecessary expenses in marriage. Marriage should be simple. I don't know why people do a big showoff. My friend Tanzim is also suffering by this, she got divorce in the first year of her marriage. I pray for her.