Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Interview:Australia in Casual talks of India

One of my friend  AN is recently shifted to Melbourne, because of my bad geography knowledge I thought it was somewhere near Europe. Later Google suggested me Australia. So he is the first friend who is doing On site IT job in Australia,Melbourne.
Me and SJ had almost decided the list we will ask him to bring from Australia .it will be chocolates to I pad.As if we don’t get it here(heheh)!!!

Here is the Casual On line Interview with him

Me: So first thing,its been how long there ?
AN: 4 months
and 4 days
Me: Where in Australia?
AN: yes
Me: Which place/city/county
AN: Lonsdale street , Melbourne ,Australia
Me: so how is the place ?
AN: its good
no pollution
and feels we r in diff world
Me: Wow, means u r in different world?
AN: yes when i see some news during lunch time abt India
i feel yes i m in diff world. Australia has nice beaches with reaaally soft sand
All the buildings are fairly spaced out and have decent sized gardens.
It has amazing landmarks, natural and man made e.g Ayers Rock, Sydney Opera House, stuff like that.
animals that are nowhere else in the world like the kangaroo, wombats, koala, platypus
Me: great !!
How about People?
Australians love sports, both playing it and watching it.
People in Australia are well-known for their attitude towards their lives. The Australian people believe in living their life to the fullest. People are ood
good*  Until they drink..drinking make them evil spirits
Me: is that humorous or people go mad after drinking
AN: not all time its humorous
most of the time it may be dangerous especially for Indians
AN: Why this kolevari kolevari di
AN: ya there was 2-3 incidents
the last time it happened was
when i was alone going to home
it was Thursday night
and 1 tall guy came running across the signal and pushed me and ran away
Me: why ..he must be Australian chor
AN: not really,he was drunk guy running on the roads
Me: okies,do take care in these cases,,,that is what all i can say
tell me about the food in Australia ?
AN: Australia has one of the most diverse cuisines in the world, thanks to Asian and European migrant influences, a dining public that is happy to try innovative dishes and access to a plentiful supply of fresh and high–quality products.As there is no such Australian cuisines!
Me: really,wow maze hain
and how about Indian people in Australia?
AN: Indian ppl are good
and there r lots of Indian ppl here
u can find in Mel lots of Chinese and Indians
than Australians
Me: Cool
What else you want to share about your experience in Australian
any special moment
AN: I TOLD U rt there was a big party
@ 15th Dec
that was really good!!

Courtesy:-Thanks Arun for giving me surprise interview

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