Thursday, 29 December 2011

Sizzling cold night running down my spine

I got down from the bus and realised it was very late at night,the bus came at the destination stop 5 hours late,its 2:00 am.The roads are lonely and the only partner on the streets were street lights.This is not my hometown,its very unknown place and it became haunted when it is stranger for you especially at nights.I called up my roomie saying I have reached here ans she gave me the road map to reach the place.But I have to walk to reach my place,no rickshaws available nor  anybody to accompany,this is  not Mumbai where even roads are not lonely!Everybody was asleep even the pets ,they love sleeping all the time !I started praying duas , took one bag on my shoulder and one in my hand,I started dragging the trolley to the lane .The dragging sound effect was giving me more shiver.
It was chilling night ,I walked & shivered to my way,covering myself with my colourful stole.I was walking from sides of the corner so nobody could see me.All the negative thoughts started coming in my mind and it became clustering cloud which made me realized the fear. And all of sudden I saw a shadow walking behind me,in the same pace. I trembled and walked fast. The shadow walked faster,my nerves were shouting me and cursing me .But what should I do.I did not looked back.But ahead street lights were off.More scary it became.I dragged my bag and walked like a fast tortoise. And what more to ask for... my stole was stuck in thorny bush.I thought it must be that  shadow,I bravely looked back the shadow was gone. I removed my stole and moved more faster.The breeze flashed my face relieved me for that second. Saw around nobody was there not even stray dogs .Even the night lamps in the buildings showed no light. I walked with the help of my mobile torch.Even the sound of my own steps made me scared. 
Some steps more there I reached the gate of my building, heaved a sigh of relief but this was not enough for the day.Watchman with big mustaches on the gate was snoring .When I reached the building and quickly opened the doors of the Lift(elevators),I heard some noise,I turned I saw group of boys drunkard , partied and spoiled brats.A bunch of about 6,all looked like beggars who are drunk,drugged and begging!I quickly entered the lift and was about to close the lift,however one of them came running,as if he is thirsty and he saw sweet water .I moved back when all entered the lift!"Mam we stay on 8 floor cant take stairs" ,other said ,"cant even fly ha ha " their jokes sounded rather drunked then humorous .I did not spoke a word,and act as if my boyfriend had called me and started talking on the phone .Yes you are standing up ,I m in the lift coming sweety .One of them said "my mobile never worked in Lifts"there came 8 floor all of them got down.Mines was ninth floor ,but I was on seventh cloud when I reached my place safely

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