Thursday, 8 December 2011

That girl in veil

 When they see her,they feel its  trap
She is a poor girl in black long veil
Must be crying all the time
Look what’s the shameful crime

Loosing her freedom,she is a boredom
May be she is strange too
I would call her a boo
Why she cant take her  stand ?
With the veil she even cant bend

It must be difficult for her to breathe
I wonder how she eats
How hot must be summer for her
What a rainy season,does she bother?
Is she allowed to laugh
Whatever you can’t even see ?
Eyes are so beautiful look at that
What a poor girl in the long black veil

The girl responded very well

I am the girl in long black veil
Nor poor neither shameful
Tell me o people whats wrong in this ?
When I cover all the body parts  with pride in it ?
I just respect myself.
Will revealing the body be compliments for you
Will anybody love the praises of your beauty from strangers tell me?
I am independent and I’m strong
I have all the knowledge is it wrong?
Why you think a veil is trap?
But I think it’s a beautiful wrap
I am not bothered of eve teasers
Nor I am bothered of what others think.
I have my own identity.
Yes, I am the girl  in black long veil

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