Monday, 19 December 2011

Value of 50 Rupee that day

No said my voice said my eyes, when I did not want to go to school for simple reason my cousin was not going to school. It was cold morning and foggy outside.But inside my house it was hot,my mom,”Are you a copy cat girl?” you have to go to school ,no more fusses.She oiled my hair and made two tight plates with those weird looking black ribbons.Drink this milk and make it fast.I was as silent as my doll lying on my bed.Wear this socks and shoes fast, other wise you will be late.My sad eyes were  filled with tears,some where in my mind I had made up not to go to school today!Tears came out of pulpy eyes,cheeks were red,handkerchief hanging on my uniform became wet.Mumma said my inner and outer voice ,please !!!Mom stared at me as if I  am saying to bring moon from the sky and that also early in the morning.No more natak will be entertained ,quietly go to school ,I know there must be some test or some book checking today!
What a bad assumption, I thought..
I took my 2 kg bag,with water bottle hung around my neck and walked to school.Reading my daily dua while stepping out from home as always.Thinking ways to escape but no way,was too dumb for that.Dusky morning ,barking dogs and on the way lots of goats (no I did not stayed in some village)but on the way one uncle’s home where he had almost all the domestics pets .I walked some more ,everything on the earth was moist and muddy.Playing with footsteps I said “50”…then I saw it was really 50…50 Rupee note lying alone on the road!i saw south and north …nobody was around My eyes rounded like I really got the moon,that school days mere 5 rupee was fun so 50 rupee was party indeed !I was thanking mumma who pushed me to go to school


  1. NICE WORK.... Dusky morning ,barking dogs and on the way lots of goats....

    you got a follower dear....keep the gud work up...