Friday, 9 December 2011

What’s kolaveri temptation?

Everywhere on the net, there is this murdering rage song you will find it on the you tube,facebook is flooding with  the links.
Facebook status,Whats in the di?....
Seldom has any song created such a craze - from children to youngsters to celebrities, everyone is hooked on to the song.
Making money out of people who already have money is so easy,is some magnetic law attached here ..whats the deal..why are people going crazy over such a song?
Yes,the music is good but not out the world ,that you haven’t listen anytime or it will soothe you for life time or it will make you laugh till your stomach burst out.
There is no rhythm no proper rhyme scheme or words for the song….its meaningless mama.
So can you say anybody can make money out of crap..nope answer is big no..
but lucky is the creator of the song who earned so much out of it ..And there are better singers,innovators whose videos or talents are left unseen in the world ..Just because they are not linked to high profiles And they can sing this song to the world at least the title

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