Friday, 28 December 2012

Dreaming about being a restaurateur.

Me and my hubby ,we are Food lovers .We look for good taste everywhere so that we can plunge our bouncing stomach with tasty food .Looking at me ,you will never ever think that I am food lover with all those thin bones and no fats around(mahshalllah).

Food tasting is in my blood ,As my Nani is a Great cook and so is my moma.Nani made it to a point that whatever she cooks ,should taste very good and look very appealing. She took utmost care for the presentation of food and decoration of food which is served. From the color to the smell everything should be perfect. I remember the fruit custard she served was so beautifully decorated,I once in my mind wished eating a beautiful dish.Accuracy in sugar and salt,you will never say “give me some salt to add”.As you will find it perfect.Nani says,”her mother expired very soon “and she started cooking from an early age ,being the eldest she became responsible taste of the Home Kitchen. After getting married she shifted to Town. Whenever she tasted any restaurant food, she quickly says what’s the ingredients in that?(Applied to Indian dishes only),and she would copy the dish and make it at Home.Now this ancestor gift passed to my mother who is known in her family for cooking .Moma specializes in making  dishes like Paye ka salan,Khichda,Haleem,Mutton Kebas,Dal ghost,Pomfret Biryani,Sheer korma,Kaleji fry,Bheja fry,Chicken lollypop,Prawns tava fry and many more.
Now you can say it passed on to me .Yeah being a Working women,I am not able to romance with  kitchen so much.But yes,I cook things like Masale wale khichdi,Dahi kadi,Hakka noddles,Sausages omlet,Saucy sausages,Manchurian soup,Dal ghost,Chicken pulao,Mayo chicken sandwich,Mutton pulao,Jhinga masala(cannot match it with my moma’s prawns dish),Bheja masala(Again here mumma and nani both make it differently and mines would be the third type),Fruit custard,China grass,Fish Fry,Tangy Aloo etc

While coming back to me and my hubby.I am very hungry all the time,you see me at chats,local sandwiches,local dosas to barbeques,buffets ,Chinese restaurant,Italian restaurant,Malvani restaurents,Konkan Restauarents,Moghlai food court.My stomach blesses me everyday hehe nope I don’t visit restaurants  daily .My Hubby is a complete Scorpion who is a perfectionist ,whenever he visit any restaurant the first thing he says is “What is Chef special dish ?”.And offcourse he orders that.While on the other side I at times considers the bill amount too ;) after all I am a lady.Sometimes the chef special is tasty and savoring while at  other times its okay kind of .We try almost most of the different starters /main course whenever we go to same restaurant,so that we known what restaurent is specialeses  in which type of food.Its like a moghlai restuarent will not serve you nice Chinese dish and vice versa.
So being Food should be the name.Come on,”we do so much of hardwork ,for our stomach right “.
What matters is the Ambience,Hygeince,Customer friendliness,Presenation,color,smell,Rate too J and offcourse smile will add to your business.Tasting and eating is not the only a passion which ignites me but I do love cooking and it’s the beautiful art to be served on plate to the stomach, So I would love to do food business.Yes,I am learning about various other things about the business which will add to my list.There is lot of work around too .
Wish me Food luck 

Friday, 21 December 2012

Romantic whispers

“I know how to live but teach me how to breathe “He said
“Look I don’t want those gems of the world as I see your eyes.
I want to fall asleep till I get you.”
“You are soul mate, Soul mates this idea use to be fun for me once.”
“I would laugh hearing about love at first sight till the day I saw you.”
“Yes, you are the one who is made just for me.”
“No, I am not perfect at all”
“But We would be perfect I am for sure “
I know we are different all the time, but one most common thing is “We are crazy for each other “.
“If air would be the food of life, you would be  my oxygen”
You guessed it right that day you said “Are you sure?”
I said “99.99%”
“What for that 00.01 % you left?”, “She asked”.
That’s for your smile
But I have many things ahead in my life
“Make me one of those things,
I will wait forever”
“You are dangerous “He said
As your eyes and words speak different words
“You really love me so much “she asked
“With all my Heart and Soul”
Really what is your heart telling you?
She said gently “You are trying really hard to hear it “
“Honestly I don’t have any idea how to live without you.
But all up to you my love “
“There is a time for everything”,”she said “
“Make it my time now “.
“You know you are an idiot, an adorable, feisty,funny and ultimately romantic”
“Does that mean my watch is working?”” He said “.
“She smiled opening her arms “.

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Whats the Mundomaya of 2012 ?

 Some says world is going to end on 21st  December 2012 Friday,it will be the D-day of the era.There will be a beginning of new era .Don't know what's store in for us?.All in hands of God.We never feared we lied,We never hesitated to break hearts with words.We never tried to help the needy.We will remember everything that day when the world will end .As seen in the Movie 2012 “Everybody was running from death”But every where was death.In 21st Century ,we made all possible technologies .Touch and Feel it .But we cannot touch or feel death nor can control it.Mayas believed that there is no such thing as time .Time is just the changes in which sun revolved.I really don’t know who they are ,but according to their calendar Mundomaya it will be the end of this era and beginning on new era .You can call it 21st  Dec 2012 Phenomenon,it is regarded as end-date of a 5125-year-long cycle.World is making money out of this too you can see many websites such as has been launched .You can discover the secrets of your future .

According to Islam, there is no place of such predictions in our life ,only Allah knows what will happen next second.People in another countries are dieing themselves just because of such predictions .So we don’t know or we cannot predict till when we will live .
Happy 2012 to all 

Monday, 17 December 2012

Shave or Crave Women oppose evening stubble

He :Lets go out this evening.

She :I am in no mood .

He:But why?

She :I wanna sleep all day.

He:Yeah ,I said about evening.

She :you think I am mad.

He:Not actually!

She :Where are we going?

He:That means you wanna go.

She :Not with your stubble dude ,i hope you will shave that off .

He: What is wrong with that?

She :You look like my dad or you look like a famed Romeo or kinda drunken one.

He:Really ,that’s good "other girls will love me for that".

She:"love you for your stubble" hangover or what!!

He:Nope,sweety !!Young girls love old guys.

She :So you agree you will look old.

He: Mens do not grow old ,they keep on growing handsome and stubble add to it .

She :Should I laugh or my stomach will burst out?

He:Yes please,you peep your teeth out always on each sentence you want.

She :Shut up ,you are having a stubble trouble guy.

He: Nopppe I am happy with my stubble.

She :Happy or Lazy to chop them off.

He: whats the lazy thing about it ?

She : Anyways you keep your stubble look ,I will get ready for the evening .

He:   Start getting ready from now !!and  you will be still late

She :Yeah, I don’t have to wear only those tshirt and jeans ,no hair made up and no stubble remove J

He :You are making me urge not to remove these stubble all my life.

She :Whatever !!

After Some hours ,its evening time
She arrives with a black top ,all straightened hairs with gorgeous pink lipstick and a stilletos to pair with.

She:Pass my  hand bag please


She :What !!


She :Gone mad or what

He(eyes popping out):You are looking absolutely stunning

She :Tell me something new !! Uncle

He :So mean

She :I hope you are ready

He:Wait ,I will be back

After 30 mins,Guy arrives
She exclaimed :Wowie you are all shaved sweetheart.

Shave or Crave 

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Friday, 7 December 2012

Oh so Straight !!

Guys my hairs are very silky and smooth but drizzy. I always wanted it to be   straight which will add it to my hairs beauty And then the days came when people started straightening their hairs .All of the sudden  straight hair everywhere .Wowie the straight hair look became the trend . It changed the way you look. Yup you look so presentable chic .It makes you look like a actress(yeah aam admin can think like that),my god I will look so beautiful imagining myself in those straight locks in the mirror.Straight hairs makes your hairs shiny too.I loved that,but those days I was short of money ,less pocket money too.So I tried many crazy things at Home, yes poor me  .

Checkout the crazy stupid experiments I did to straighten my drizzy frizzy hairs.

1.My neighbour gave me this idea of doing somersault and combing my hairs all the time.And gravity would make my hair straight .I would stand on my head and say "Please gravity pull my hair to earth and make it all straight" I prayed.

2.I read in one of those magazines applying curd on your hair would make your hair straight .Curd did magic when Mom came to know that instead of eating curd ,I am feeding it to my hairs.

3.Beer ,One Can that’s too big .”No, Uncle I don’t want to drink”. It’s for my hairs.They will look awesome and straight.Freaky smile uncle returned it to me .

4.I am scarf lady now, covering my hair all along ,but no straight hairs.

5. Tie your hair with cloth and thread it and pull it and sleep,see the results in morning ,it will be all straight all your life .Really my head started aching all night.

6.One of the craziest idea me and my cousin tried was since we had heard this wacky thing,we had heard that one lady in our colony is blessed with long black straight hairs so plucking one of those hairs and putting it into bucket and bathe with that water will add the black magic on our hairs too . Gosh we were such an idiot.

7.Applied a paste of dal–white dal .leave it for a hour .Yes my hairs did become soft ,but not straight

8.I was mad for straight hairs ,after researching from many straight hair experienced girls .They said parlour straighten hairs did gave them good look but just for some time.later they experienced hair falls, frizzy hair, very dry hair,less hair and what not. I moved backwards from parlour for straightening my hairs chemically.Nope frizzy hairs are better than no hairs !

9.I got a hair ironed with a clothes iron, three of friends helped me ,one holding the iron other the towel and the third keeping a eye on the door so that Mom does not know what’s going on. It was a hand paining task as we all girls did this for all of us.And also we dint bathe for four days as hair bath would spoil our hair look (no, we did half bath:)

I started eating lots of leafy vegetables and fruits .Amla was one of my favourite .One day I also went to those ayurvedic shop where they have a poster of women with long straight hairs ,yuck the oil smelled so bad all day all night .Mesh kala.

So Sunsilk what magic wand you wanna try on hairs to make our hair go straight no please no amla to eat or are you adding beer to your shampoo .

this post is exclusively written for Sunsilk Straight Hair Experiment Contest

What a year 2012

I saw best days in 2012 I saw my worst days in 2012.I saw myself as the happiest person on earth in 2012.
I saw myself as saddest and helpless in 2012.
I saw angels and fairies dancing all along
I saw Satan laughing at me .
I saw People dying
I saw People crying
I saw people making money
I saw people spending money
I saw loneliness and dark
I saw bright sunny morning
I saw beauty of my mind
I saw dirt of my mind

Every year comes and go,it teaches you lessons and gifts you love and humanity.May be you remember that teaching or live life as you want.
But every new year teaches you something which you cannot forgot !!

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

9 Most Common Fashion mistakes

Girls we all love to experiment with fashion, but at times fashion takes a wrong turn on you !

1. Polka dots with striped ones
Now wearing polka dots is not a bad fashion at all, but wearing it with the stripes underneath, a big no .They are two from same company say  you can’t have a Zebra lines for your pants and dots for your tops ,you will certainly look a black and white joker.

2. Very Large flowers Prints  
I know flowers sounded as colours to you and it’s in fashion to wear flower prints, But before buying double check the flower prints on the cloth material .medium size is fine and also depends if the design is good small size flower prints looks pretty too, but large size flowers will make you look like a flower pot or you are dressing as a flower for a fancy dress competition. “I am Flower Red and Yellow” .

3. Short Kurta with leggings
Flaunting your legs, it’s okay. But what about thighs ,oh man it looks ugliest when you wear a very  short kurta pairing it up leggings which is off course tight fitted .it looks like you have forgot to wear something or it’s like yuck look at her .Avoid!

 4. Golden embroidered dress with lots of accessories
Goldy goldy are you boldy,I have seen some people wearing beautiful dress with lots of golden      embroidery and ruining it with wearing lots of accessories. First of all if your dress is too glitzy avoid wearing necklaces, however you can wear nice pair of earrings and brass golden bangles ,avoid diamonds .Otherwise there will be no need to light in the area .

5. T-shirts with trousers
I know you will laugh on this ,but yeah people actually do wear T-shirts with trousers, they think they are looking cool, but I would rather call them fool .it looks oddest of all .I know you guys wont but some people do. I have also seen people wearing jersey and coming to office (I know their choice) but every time he looks like a football die-hard fan with number 89.

6. Pink T-shirt and green pants
Miss periwinkle you are not smelling good,Errr or Grrrr.Common they are nice colours ,in fact  Pink is my favourite colour but I would not pair it with green pants even though green pants are in fashion .

7. Sport shoes with salwars
You look those big sport shoes, sport it with tees or jeans or tracks. Why enhancing your shoes with     salwars,I thought only those aunties who jog with their doggies do that .

8. Short skirt and long top
What are you trying to do here? Wearing a short dress or covering your skirt, whatever it is so smirky? Avoid the opposites, opposites only attract when they are in love

 9. Too tight to comfort
Many people thing well fitted cloths are equal to tight fitted clothes, but the answer is wrong .Too tight clothes will bulge up your body if you are too plumpy ,it will show off your stomach, arms and thighs making you look more like a Big  Apple. While if you are too skinny, it will fit you making you look like bamboo stick all straight no curves. Other things how will you walk? And what if it is to be tore after you sit or you make ,it will be totally embarrassing one for you.

Your Destiny

Destiny the names sounds familiar doesn’t it ?if not that is perfectly fine you are going to reach it anyways ,but only if you truly desire.

A climate mangles a rush myth.

whoever you are, or whatever it is that you do, when you really want something, it's because that desire originated in the soul of the universe. It's your
mission on earth.
The Soul of the World is nourished by people's
happiness. And also by unhappiness, envy, and jealousy. To realize one's destiny is a
person's only real obligation. All things are one.

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Unsafe Genders

hope you know which gender I am talking about !We hear those rape news almost  every day in every part of the country .we all ladies were chatting at the canteen and I was shocked to hear incidents to ladies who are well educated and from cultured family. Can’t imagine how much local or illiterate people would have faced .ladies beware of yourself ,your surrounding and your daughters and sisters. I don’t say every other guy around you is evil eyed or corrupt maniac. But being cautious is the best thing you can do. Whether you are at work,home,local markets ,theatre ,hair salon, tailor etc.

One of my friend narrated an incident of her experience ,where a 13 year old boy (who saw his parents at night),and due to that when he came to his distant relatives where home was full of young girls ,he started misbehaving by touching parts of the body of those girls (who were much elder than him).they thought maybe he is playing around but no he wanted feel their body. He was mere 13 year imagine how maniac adults would think of the same.

Other friend of mine said, once upon a time ,At 9:00 pm she was standing in her balcony ,where she saw a guy (almost above age 50),this guy was in another building balcony he was touching his own stomach and moving hands here and there. She ignored, he started making whistles pointing her, when she saw there ,this guy was standing naked and straight pointing to her .Now this friend of mine (very courageous as always)and never hesitated ,she went inside the kitchen and got a knife with her, she showed that knife to this guy and shouted “I lll cut you ….. into pieces ,bloody old man” .and this guy ran away inside

Another incident was, one of the friend was in 9th standard, she was good in all subjects except maths,so her mother thought to keep a tuition sir for her (this sir was none other than her mother’s friend husband).Now this guy always use to touch her hands or shoulders ,and one time he touched her chest ,and from then she started feeling uncomfortable and poor girl kept quiet .One day he went very close to her and she ran away from the room .however that was long back where girls use to hesitate to talk to their parents about it, even this friend of mine was clever but not courage about what happened to her .she asked her family that she has completed her portion and no need of tuition's and somehow  managed it.

I don’t know how common it is at home or with relatives,but with one of my school friend his cousin use to forcibly show her adult films .

I tell you there are many to pen down and we all girls know that very well

Some healthy tips for you (as shared by elders and ladies who thought every lady should be cautious about it )

  • ·         Do not let any  stranger/relative except your husband touch you .Touch can just a tap on shoulders or grip on your hands or sitting very closely to you(also for that never touch guys when you are joking so that they cannot touch you back).
  • ·         Be alert of your deep necks or loose necks .
  • ·         Never entertain bad humour (move from that group).
  • ·         Avoid travelling alone with  male colleagues .

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Winner of Mystery girl theme contest

I am one of the twenty runner up of Mystery girl theme contest and I got Nargis fakhri signed T shirt !
Check out my peom Mystery girl 

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Red jihad -Book review

Book Review :- Red Jihad
Written By:- Akash Rana
Provided By:- Sami Ahmad Khan

‘Red Jihad’ the name sounds as terrorism its like A war or struggle against unbelievers with red colour indicating as blood.Go on read this book if you like to read planning and plotting
The base of the  plot story  is about a partnership between Pakistani Jihadists and Indian Naxalites for a terror strategy, and an consequent war between India and Pakistan.yeah you are on right track ,Indian naxalites ties up with Pakistani extremites to hijack indian experimental missile which is name as parlay and they will use it on India,so that they deflect the focus of the government from red corridor.the story has some thing of ekta kapoor in it as the plan A landed up in plan B which leds polictical conspiracies .

‘Red jihad’ is a powerful novel with the fascinating storyline,however if you are the person who loves happy ending and romantic novels then this is not the right novel for you .throughout the book I felt author is trying force humour into it which is awkward and tad forced too.

However ,this page will also keep you engaged as whats next with india combined with Pakistan and their strategies.

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ShopperStop Look-2

Shopping means loving yourself more !that’s all pretty women’s thought .We are  extravagant about how we will look and what we wear.Our eyes flow from shops to shops to watch out the best clothes,earrings,clutches,sandals and what not .Shopping means not hiding your femininity and letting it flow.
I let it flow this festive season I stopped at Shopper stop!

Elegant combination of maroon and black  embroidered sari from Ashika  which will enhance my skin color too

Silver haute Curry high heeled sandals is one of the best combinations

Red diamond earrimgs from infinity would add up the look

And Silver Clutch from Haute-Curry

Lastly a beautiful smile will make one of the best look of the season 

this post is exclusively written for Shoppers Stop Perfect Look" from