Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Encounter with Tours and travels


 I am on search for Cheap and  Best Tours and travels ,I know cheap and Best are two extreme  friends, but that’s what my requirement is all about .I am looking forward to travel Dubai, and striving hard to find out best and low cost package rates, If anyone of you who know about it or at least have any information please share .

I had searched on SOTC,Kesari,Make my trip and Akbar tours and travels .And let me tell you they all are almost high cost for poor people like, I mean ,”is there any tours and travels for Aam aadmi”is somebody listening to me!!
Whatever  I went to local tours and travels ,to find out their rates .It was local shop, one guy and a gal was sitting there ,they were busy chatting and eating samosas, when I asked about I want to know the details of Dubai tour, the guy gulped the samosa and put aside the chutney and said sit madam.Okay,the girl ran away in the other cabin with samosas of course ,Now this guy asking me plane mein jaogi,I was amazed Can you arrange a bus to Dubai, I mean or train It will be cheaper that way !!other questions he asked was International hi haina,I was like ,I wish Dubai was in India and that way it would be national too. I said yes, he started searching something in his PC.i was looking at the back side of the PC.While he was on his own search, now I know some people do type so slowly and for IT people like me ,give it to me and it will do the search. Now this guy took all the basic information and entered in the website and I guess clicked on search button. As amazed I was he started looking blank, I asked him kya hua,he is like pata nahi Hang hua .OMG !!!Some body save me, later on when he gave me information much lesser than what wa required ,his package was double the amount of these high profiles websites ….Please help me out Dubai I want to visit you ,is the king of Dubai listening????

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Eve Teased so what

This post thought came into my mind when today morning I was traveling on my way to office,Here we have sharing rickshaw,so  that’s its cheaper for us!!it means in one rickshaw any three unknown people can sit and travel their way out !but that is not topic of my post.
While I was sitting at one edge ,one huge man with dyed black moustachioed(he was looking like south Indian villain)came sat next to me,the third person in the auto was a thin guy who was almost not bothered about the world.Now this huge man what should I call him,the moment he sat next to me ,first of all started staring my face,then my purse later on from the mirror,I moved little away from this guy,but shameless buffalo his arms were almost touching mines,and the auto space was too crunchy.It was most uncomfortable to sit,I was praying hard for my destination stop!when the stop came this huge devil is pushing me with his shoulders and saying aside please.I don’t know I did not Even speak a word,as if he was real devil .But I think almost every other girl faces this incidents in day to day life.

 Lets check out some Eve teasing incidents as seen or narrated in our lives :-

  • Local stations –I know we all are in hurry but that doesn’t mean to take chance par dance and push or touch anywhere .Girls use your elbows,pins,nails whatever

  •  BST bus-Errr here every other man looks for chance I don’t understand ,but here woman's take a stand some literally shout  at them Kutte ki aulad,sidddhe khade rahe , and funniest one said “gout mein bait jaa mere”

  •  On the road-Some people who don’t have their minds to educate themselves or to learn some thing for their future,they better invest themselves in eve teasing training.Now these guys will train every other lukkha guy in their group,and they think they are the Hero

  • Near Colleges-no they don’t want to study here,they want to do all shaan pati they can,”Mast chikni hain’ all that aati kya khandala types
  • Local shops-Some local raste ke shops ,their eyes bulge out when they see girl entering in their shops,and then they started talking nonsense,yes it happens once my friend said me she entered a 100rs wala tshirt shop,that shopwala was making eye comment to another guy in the shop.

All these and many more incidents actually happens to us,our sisters,our friends ,girl friends and the hard truth is there is no stopping away,I still remember Keenan santos incident,but what’s the conclusion.Irrespective of education ,some people who eve tease are actually educated ones too!!

Monday, 16 January 2012

Thats life

They say your thoughts make your life 
You say what thoughts where are they
I don’t care about it any
Then you think everything is wrong, even if its small
You think you make it large
What’s wrong in wrong and what’s right in right
Why are things now not so bright?
I am colored or colors are colorless
Why I am the only not blessed
Then you think what the first was thought
It was wrong even it was small
And your thoughts made it large
Now you smile and say everything is good
And then your thought will make your life!!

Thursday, 12 January 2012

A Crush

When I first saw you I smiled somewhere inside
Then turned to my friend like a breeze in the sand
And started remembering your first glance
Colors around were now more bright
I thought was it Mr. Right
Must be loafer looking at everybody
Having cute chin and that innocent look
No he couldn’t be a crook
Something inside me said me to turn
I saw he was leaving my heart burned
He looked back and gave a smile.
Now I remember not even his face
But cannot forgot his grace

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Flat stomach temptation -Day 2

After drinking lots of water and no rice, I am actually feeling light .My friend said are you crazy light in one day!!
Or may be I’m mediating of feeling it light ,jokes apart lets concentrate and you should be focused

List of some food which burn stomach fat:-

Eggs are a great source of protein. Starting your day with a protein (as opposed to just a bagel) will help you feel fuller longer. When you feel fuller longer you won’t be tempted to eat a non-healthy treat.

The benefits of green tea are endless. Green tea is not only FULL of antioxidants that can help prevent you from getting sick, but research has shown that green tea can also speed up your metabolism — helping you burn more fat,

If you are really hungry and in need of a good meal — make yourself a bowl of oatmeal. Oatmeal is FULL of fiber which will help you feel full and stay feeling full for a long period of time. Since they digest slowly the oats will help keep you energized for a longer period of time, as opposed to those super fast digesting foods.

Your body needs protein in order to make your workouts effective. Eating meats such as chicken that don’t have a lot of fat will give your body the protein it needs to build more muscle and burn more fat.

Almonds are a great source of healthy fat. Find an almond butter to spread on your toast and you’ll find that your cravings for other sweet foods will decrease, as almond butter helps to decrease your rise in blood sugar, helping you lose more stomach fat.

Monday, 9 January 2012

Flat stomach temptation -Day 1

People are still not crazy about those zero size body,but I am sure every girl need flat stomach.but those flat stomach is like heaven to you when you  see sizzling anushka flaunting it in badmaash company  or Katrina abs in chikni chameli,I always thought to have those flat stomach dream.I did tried it ,then left it thinking,I am normal skinny little above the size zero,but my tummy is not flat and that’s okay world is flat.I would joke it and thought little fats is okay to  your body.But one fine day, I decided  I want flat stomach that’s it  the first day of flat stomach exercise and flat stomach tips .Most common  area or favourite area for fats is middle lower part of your body that your stomach/belly whatever you call it
Increase your daily intake of water. Your body needs at least 8 glasses of water each day in order to prevent dehydration and flush out all the toxins. Drinking water will also help you feel full – helping you avoid those hunger pains,and also keep you dehydrated .
Each meal should have a healthy fat, protein and some carbohydrates!i started with beetroot juice which is healthier option too.

Try to create muscle with intake of proteins like chicken ,muscles creation in your body will help fat reduction too .Avoid rice at dinner ,you can have rice at lunch but a big no at dinner
Start with these common habits for your diet and then we will start with work out for your flat stomach .i know its crazy to be focused about it or some times you will also feel you want it in day.but don't be in hurry.

Good luck

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Bhatts on the skinshow way

Mahesh bhatt is all famous to set records  producing all the films which enhance his  stories by showing skins,love making scenes,those longs kisses ,and he think he is the best in promoting human culture .A human does all these and enjoy it too and after all its your choice.but Mahesh you are in India if you forget,here still these scenes are respected  when done in own bedrooms,it shows no respect to a woman walking on the streets in those revealing clothes !Bhatts films does not need any promotions they earn it all based on filthy ugly skin show, check out the film preview trailer of Jism2,which shows the  showcase of transparency of a lady Sunny Leone(Porn star).It shows that bhatts have no respect for women's and think them as marketing objects . The Bhatts have always had a robust business sense, and more often than not have balanced good creative with commercial instinct. But off late, they seem to be turning quite cynical in their approach, and making purely what they believe might sell.

Paris hilton marketing tag..go the paris way

I was amused by paris hilton,when i heard she is coming to visit a mall(which is just nearby our office) just to endorse her bags(famously known as PH bags)Was it so much required that the presence of paris hilton will keep the marketing effects  oh mayb ...and thats how i learnt more about paris hilton(famously known as dumb blonde) but ...she is beauty with brains.She’s a real life version of what value is and how it is created today. In parties and  media,she would never say anything about herself rather would mention the designers of her clothes,the club she was going to, who made the sweater for her dog, all without any guarantee of any return. It was no longer that designers and brands noticed her,she paid attention to their brands & they paid money to her .
 The most value able commodity here is attention and you have to get.
She did it all and she was in the news for everything you say it good and you say it bad Its all about marketing.
In India she gave $100 to beggar ,she pitied upon poor people,she  clicked  photographs with localities ,in short endorsed her brand name in India.Now tell me don't you know about all this which are indirectly linked to marketing strategies . 
Whenever she tries to promote herself..she falls flat !!