Thursday, 5 January 2012

Bhatts on the skinshow way

Mahesh bhatt is all famous to set records  producing all the films which enhance his  stories by showing skins,love making scenes,those longs kisses ,and he think he is the best in promoting human culture .A human does all these and enjoy it too and after all its your choice.but Mahesh you are in India if you forget,here still these scenes are respected  when done in own bedrooms,it shows no respect to a woman walking on the streets in those revealing clothes !Bhatts films does not need any promotions they earn it all based on filthy ugly skin show, check out the film preview trailer of Jism2,which shows the  showcase of transparency of a lady Sunny Leone(Porn star).It shows that bhatts have no respect for women's and think them as marketing objects . The Bhatts have always had a robust business sense, and more often than not have balanced good creative with commercial instinct. But off late, they seem to be turning quite cynical in their approach, and making purely what they believe might sell.


  1. Bhatt is the name i hate most in recent times...
    He could have asked his daughter pooja to do such shows !
    Damn the old crap man

  2. @deepak i dont know bhatt as a person,but i hate his way of marketing