Thursday, 12 January 2012

A Crush

When I first saw you I smiled somewhere inside
Then turned to my friend like a breeze in the sand
And started remembering your first glance
Colors around were now more bright
I thought was it Mr. Right
Must be loafer looking at everybody
Having cute chin and that innocent look
No he couldn’t be a crook
Something inside me said me to turn
I saw he was leaving my heart burned
He looked back and gave a smile.
Now I remember not even his face
But cannot forgot his grace


  1. Amazing lines !
    just read twice to understand the essence :)
    good one Farah

  2. super like

    a short, complete
    summary of
    a million year long
    moment of first glance.

  3. @Deepak thanks
    @Nuktaa...yeah it experienced too ;)