Thursday, 19 January 2012

Eve Teased so what

This post thought came into my mind when today morning I was traveling on my way to office,Here we have sharing rickshaw,so  that’s its cheaper for us!!it means in one rickshaw any three unknown people can sit and travel their way out !but that is not topic of my post.
While I was sitting at one edge ,one huge man with dyed black moustachioed(he was looking like south Indian villain)came sat next to me,the third person in the auto was a thin guy who was almost not bothered about the world.Now this huge man what should I call him,the moment he sat next to me ,first of all started staring my face,then my purse later on from the mirror,I moved little away from this guy,but shameless buffalo his arms were almost touching mines,and the auto space was too crunchy.It was most uncomfortable to sit,I was praying hard for my destination stop!when the stop came this huge devil is pushing me with his shoulders and saying aside please.I don’t know I did not Even speak a word,as if he was real devil .But I think almost every other girl faces this incidents in day to day life.

 Lets check out some Eve teasing incidents as seen or narrated in our lives :-

  • Local stations –I know we all are in hurry but that doesn’t mean to take chance par dance and push or touch anywhere .Girls use your elbows,pins,nails whatever

  •  BST bus-Errr here every other man looks for chance I don’t understand ,but here woman's take a stand some literally shout  at them Kutte ki aulad,sidddhe khade rahe , and funniest one said “gout mein bait jaa mere”

  •  On the road-Some people who don’t have their minds to educate themselves or to learn some thing for their future,they better invest themselves in eve teasing training.Now these guys will train every other lukkha guy in their group,and they think they are the Hero

  • Near Colleges-no they don’t want to study here,they want to do all shaan pati they can,”Mast chikni hain’ all that aati kya khandala types
  • Local shops-Some local raste ke shops ,their eyes bulge out when they see girl entering in their shops,and then they started talking nonsense,yes it happens once my friend said me she entered a 100rs wala tshirt shop,that shopwala was making eye comment to another guy in the shop.

All these and many more incidents actually happens to us,our sisters,our friends ,girl friends and the hard truth is there is no stopping away,I still remember Keenan santos incident,but what’s the conclusion.Irrespective of education ,some people who eve tease are actually educated ones too!!


  1. BRAVO :)
    The post reminded of this campaign I heard about a few days back

  2. TOPIC speaks my EVE TEASED SO WHAT ?? try to slap the one who teased perhaps tease him as a revenge.
    Never step back...
    you know well i guess " Only ripened fruits will see so much of stone pelting"
    Women(most of them) are beautiful and so these atrocities against women and also because of few ignorant indecent cowards in Men(few of them)

  3. It is easy to say it Deepak, but sometimes hard to do that.

    village girl

  4. @deepak ...but sometimes its not easy to raise the voice...i knw we have to

  5. @nukta thanks .....yes it also reminds me of Crime against women campaign in andheri

  6. I think it is a deep rooted problem, arising from a society that is male dominated, to the point that even mothers will tell their daughters that it is their duty to keep their man happy at whatever cost. There is also the futility of reacting aggressively given the tragic outcomes that it can sometimes lead to. The only thing we can do is to bring up the boys to respect women and the girls to respect themselves. Very well expressed post.

  7. subhorup is right, a slap could have very unsavory a Delhi bus when i encountered such a situation & protested;even the bystanders would just enjoy the scene & not come forward to condemn the culprit...the less said the better...these lechs deserve to b caged.

  8. @subhorop ..its deep rooted problem all in our minds ....and in our cultured society

  9. @indu ..i dont know how can these lechs will be caged one day or not...but atleast one day all girls willl be respected

  10. I think we should call it by the more realistic name, 'Street Sexual Harassment'. Many young girls are not allowed to go for higher studies because going out means facing such harassment.
    In Jind, Haryana, two school girls going back home from coaching classes, were crushed under a truck, because two men on a motorbike were trying to 'eve-tease' them. I have faced being harassed like this during my school years, on bicycle, I too fell twice, and such incidents were (and sadly still are) common in India.

  11. @indian home maker.....truly said it common among commoners!!Very sad