Monday, 9 January 2012

Flat stomach temptation -Day 1

People are still not crazy about those zero size body,but I am sure every girl need flat stomach.but those flat stomach is like heaven to you when you  see sizzling anushka flaunting it in badmaash company  or Katrina abs in chikni chameli,I always thought to have those flat stomach dream.I did tried it ,then left it thinking,I am normal skinny little above the size zero,but my tummy is not flat and that’s okay world is flat.I would joke it and thought little fats is okay to  your body.But one fine day, I decided  I want flat stomach that’s it  the first day of flat stomach exercise and flat stomach tips .Most common  area or favourite area for fats is middle lower part of your body that your stomach/belly whatever you call it
Increase your daily intake of water. Your body needs at least 8 glasses of water each day in order to prevent dehydration and flush out all the toxins. Drinking water will also help you feel full – helping you avoid those hunger pains,and also keep you dehydrated .
Each meal should have a healthy fat, protein and some carbohydrates!i started with beetroot juice which is healthier option too.

Try to create muscle with intake of proteins like chicken ,muscles creation in your body will help fat reduction too .Avoid rice at dinner ,you can have rice at lunch but a big no at dinner
Start with these common habits for your diet and then we will start with work out for your flat stomach .i know its crazy to be focused about it or some times you will also feel you want it in day.but don't be in hurry.

Good luck


  1. everyone is beautiful in their own way but still this world looks for external visible beauty, SAD!
    Even myself :P

  2. thats true ...but sometimes its even in being healthy you can call it beauty in hall..ofcourse you cant call yourself healthy when your stomach is pouting out ...niether beautiful

  3. he he! I connect to this "flat stomach" obsession! I've got another obsession altogether ;)

    Lets get healthier and wiser and sexier! :D
    Nothing really wrong about flaunting "our best" if we know to draw the line! ;)

  4. @jen yes....rightly lets do our best