Thursday, 5 January 2012

Paris hilton marketing tag..go the paris way

I was amused by paris hilton,when i heard she is coming to visit a mall(which is just nearby our office) just to endorse her bags(famously known as PH bags)Was it so much required that the presence of paris hilton will keep the marketing effects  oh mayb ...and thats how i learnt more about paris hilton(famously known as dumb blonde) but ...she is beauty with brains.She’s a real life version of what value is and how it is created today. In parties and  media,she would never say anything about herself rather would mention the designers of her clothes,the club she was going to, who made the sweater for her dog, all without any guarantee of any return. It was no longer that designers and brands noticed her,she paid attention to their brands & they paid money to her .
 The most value able commodity here is attention and you have to get.
She did it all and she was in the news for everything you say it good and you say it bad Its all about marketing.
In India she gave $100 to beggar ,she pitied upon poor people,she  clicked  photographs with localities ,in short endorsed her brand name in India.Now tell me don't you know about all this which are indirectly linked to marketing strategies . 
Whenever she tries to promote herself..she falls flat !!

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