Monday, 2 January 2012

Those College days

Those College days

When world was as small as canteen
To every boy every new girl was queen
Friends was more than relative
Those canteen vadapav and Pepsi
Loved seating at the back bench

Always there was one joke cracker
Always there was one Bhai in the class
Always there was one Bhenji in the class
And one Scotchy to do all the bakwaas
Always there was one Beauty queen

Rose day was the one when everybody was present in the class
Literature teacher was everybody’s favorite
Loan from a friend to go on a Date.
Copying was the favorite task
Drinking the tea from the same flask

When vacations had no meaning
Boredom in vacations were only feelings
We thought we should be glued to each other
Never thought world is so different than College canteen
Nobody thought where each one would go
Remembering neither friend nor foe