Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Between you & your pimples

OMG!!!A big pimple right in the center of my soft cheeks, what on earth have happen to me what big sin I did or did I said something ill about somebody or did junk really happened in my tummy ,Yes these are some of the weird reaction when we girls get a pimple .

Let’s check out how is the girl’s day when pimple popped onto their face
  •   We usually try to hide our pimple with hairs so new hairstyle or hair partition is the must
  • Powder or compact so that pimple cannot be seen ‘
  • Drinking lots of water even if its leads you to washroom 15 times a day
  •   Suddenly we love fruits watermelon is my favorite
  •   Hate the guy or lady who in spite of looking at my face ask “Hey you got a pimple”, feels like Are you blind or something you cannot see,…yeah I got it so what
  • Your Google history shows how many times you have searched for Tips for curing pimples
  • Oil food becomes big no for you
  • Your mood of weekend outing suddenly drops off
  • I love camera ,but not now pleaseeeee
  • Daily night and morning prayer to Allah
  •   It’s the biggest tension in your life don’t bother about anything else

"Growing up is such a barbarous business, full of inconvenience... and pimples."

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