Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Child at Work

Hush  bush hush bush …hhhh relieved got in the train its Mumbai local …yipppe win half the world war  already
I don’t understand  from where the hell so many people comes …that too on Sunday ..they should rest on Sunday not travel in trains …I was damn tired and in no mood of standing ….but I believe there was even no place to stand.
I stood resting on the corner of the seat ,so that atleast my back can rest .
There I saw a cute little boy must be of 7-8 years,he  was wheatish fair and very cute ,some magic in eyes and smile on face ,caught my eye .i thought he must be traveling with his family,then saw he was dragging something,a big blue polythene something was filled in it,he removed something,that was chap-pals and started saying “pacchas  ka ek Jodi,rubber hain mast hain ‘.tears came in my eyes when realized a kid whose age is to play with rubber balls ,he is selling those rubber slippers in train.I remember how afraid I was when I was of his age to even travel in crowded trains,that age was full of wonders when I don’t want to walk somebody would take me in their arms,everybody at home use to pamper me a lot,Chocolates  take it ,Dolls okay take it ,Gems have some ,In trains I would always get somebody's lap to sit.
Work I was not even knowing whats  the word "work" when I was this child age ,this age is so tender and so very beautiful,and is definitely not for work !!
Later it was time for him to get down from train,he took his big bag must be bigger than his own size.
I smiled him and believe me he returned a beautiful angelic smile back at me,as if he is happiest person that’s what the child is .I asked him whats your name ?..i cant believe he answered me so politely .”Raju “ again with a smile
I asked him where do you stay ?do you go to school?,Raju answered ,” I stay at kurla and afternoon I go to school and then I do my work till night .Do any of us even did any work in this age even at our homes ? .Didi my station is coming,he waved his hand and after getting from the train returned  that smile again!!!



  1. Even I have tears in my eyes now

  2. Touchy post.
    what to say ?? who to blame ?
    Instead of blaming and crying, we can bring some change by helping kids.
    beautiful post with a sad message

  3. after reading such posts the only question i ask to myself is "what am i doing for them?".. till now i don't have any answer but some day i will...

    thank you to notice such smiles...

  4. I knw guys i wish i cud do somethng....looking for NGOs who help dem dat i wud keep the number this way can help dem