Thursday, 16 February 2012

Crazy Adventures of my childhood days

We say there is every phase in life which are unforgettable ,so live it to your fullest .These phases starts right from your School days,College days,Office days ,Dating days, Wedding days, After wedding days and many more important phases which are equally important .You cannot say a single phase which are not so important phase if you say that then you did not live your life to your fullest ,So start living now.
It is said life is vicious circle, you end from where you start ,And I started my life during my childhood days, me and my cousin khoobhi,we both lived our life to fullest, we were adventurous enough to live it as we want . So narrating those incidents with the help of self-narration story.

What a lovely morning, nobody at home, Khoobhi get up your mom and my mom went to market and they will be back at evening.
“Let’s do something crazy”
“You are crazy enough to do that, I want to watch Captain Planet"
“Common stop sitting infront of that idiot box, we gonna have fun, let’s play shikari shambu”
“Hmm and who will be the shikaris,we both"
“Remove your old School camp bag, fill in some old bed sheets, water bottle, tiffin and your old pillow”
“Grreat, are we giving to that khadi road forest “
“Yup,and if we are lucky enough no dogs will follow us”
Hopefully we will get to eat baadam from baadam tree and will also pluck some bananas ,guava from that guava tree near that mosque
Khoobhi is great person to execute the plans ,she also took some potatoes so that we would make it on fire and we actually did that
We were utterly dressed like those shikari shambus,hats on the head ,jeans and some funky t shirts ,we also had some toy binoculars to add up that.
These small forest was our common place nad belive me it was beautiful and silent ,when jungle dogs were not around ,This forest had many trees which include bananas,badaam,Guavas,drumstick .Our parents still don’t know that Khoobhi and me went there almost every time when we were left alone at home.
We were taught from our uncles that our dadas(grand fathers) and par dadas (Grnadgrand fathers) had pets like lions,panthers,Owls,Horses ,Elephants.
These stories made us thought that we are great shikaris ,although we were not !!
But the lovely feeling made our every step easier ,we would always return baack to home before our parents were at home .
We always started the road with stones in our hands or Some big wooden scale (which we used in our schools for drawing lines),as there was always a fear of jungle dogs to follow us,we named the leader of the dog as Kaali .while others were equally dangerous too.
We would make sure that we did not make any noise in that kutto ka illaka
There came Drumstick tree,lets buy that from nature for free
Almost 15-20 sticks in our bags .

We walked further ,we had never crossed that forest but there was sea which would connect many seas,we heard that there were crocodiles there .
So Khoobhi and me would stand there ,and loved to see boats (which was very rare )fishermen s would come there to catch fishes.
I wish I would sit in that and catch fish too
Yeah I always thought I would be a fisher women during exams ,there life is so much of fun and do they have to pass the entrance exam to catch fishes
Sun is burning hard,we needed a sleep,but no not in the forest
Khoobhi had searched under construction building where nobody would come,and nobody constructed that building too
We would tie our old bedsheets on the planks of the roof ,so we were safe from sun.
One bedsheet on the floor we would go to sleep with timer On,on the wrist of khoobhi .
She is great time checker too
Hey look at that ,that’s a new rare plant and new kind of flower too ,it looks like a fish
Khoobhi very innovatively plucked that flower,we removed that upper green color skin and our eyes were rounded to a see glitter coloured fish shaped flower ,we still don’t know what is it called ,but it was beautiful enough to carry in our bag,khoobhi covered it in her handkerchief .like we got a diamond
We started packing our bedsheets and pillows ,as it was time to go,have to reach home on time
Ouch,Khooobhiiiiiiiii i shouted my heart was beating so fast that it would come out from my mouth
A snake ..n no it’s a cobra look at the skin
Khoobhi………now what ..nobody even knows that we are here
SSSssh ..keep quiet don’t make noise and stand like a statue
Let it pass
Really will it pass without eating us
Idiot keep quite ……..
We were quiet and still 15 minutes there,hey is it alive or the snake is also playing statue statue ,wait
Bravely khoobhi hit the snake with her legs ….and it was not snake
It was some old belt wrapped which almost look like a terrifying snake
We laughed a lot and went our way
It was turn for guavas ,we went to the backside garden of the mosque ,there was big tree of guavas,yes the trees were big enough so that we have to climb it and the get the guava before anybody sees it .this tree had gave us enough injury but free guavas were too sweet that time .
We both climbed the tree with bags on the floor,started with bigger guavas ,one two three ,five here …
Jump fast look maulana saw us ,he will be soon behind us
My knees were injured on the concrete floor
We ran as fast as cheetah
Thanks god ,I saw him
Come lets go Home,there is 5 minutes left!!!!

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  1. This is good.Childhood days are special! Good luck for the contest Farah

  2. Wow lovely post Pari....and everybody knows Chori ka fal meetha hota hai...hahaha:)

  3. @ solitary writer ..thanks you good luck to you too

  4. @seema ..yup such mein meetha hota hain