Sunday, 5 February 2012

Stop complaining and start living

Now this post came into my mind when I noticed one of my colleague complaining about her life, and this is not the first time, this may her 1 millionth time if tried to count right from when she was born!!She complains about her husband, her daughter, her house hold chores, her work timings, her tummy size and the list goes on! But when you actually look at her she looks at all the negative side of her life and she thinks her life is worst, but when you look at it positive, she had two house, husband with lots of sense of humor, lovely family who spends good time at weekends ,it’s a middle class family who can easily live a happy life when overlook the negative ones .I mean people are so busy in looking at the shadows that they forgot when the sunshine has gone, and then whole garden of your mind is busy looking at thorns and the roses go to sleep and they lose the fragrance of life .and it same with this lady whenever we say her anything positive about her life ,she started saying no,but,ifs and whys! And she spreads the negative thoughts all over to everybody! I was taught that negative thought is Satan, who builds house in your mind and to destroy Satan you need to purify your minds, heart and souls .You need see positive things, you have to thank Allah all the time, we are happiest as we get complete meal, we get clothes to wear, we have good job, we have supportive relatives, we have lovely friends, we have ability to smile!

Thanking you Allah for everything!!!

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  1. negative thoughts obstructs brighter perspective in our lives...

    Good Post... :-)