Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Perception of beauty in phases of life

Life is beautiful existence in its kind and each phase says that this is the journey the lord had made for us ,this is temporary and we have to live it to the fullest.and you have different perception in different phases

Your perception when you were in your childhood days –you never knew what is life and what is its meaning yet you lived so cheerfully .may be not knowing the meaning have its own perception,the perception to smile and laugh,a perception not to fear,perception of not knowing that the world is not a toy story.the best part is we did whatever we want,unknowingly or knowingly.

Your perception as enthusiastic Adolescence,now your eyes are widely open ,but still you are living life with the hunger of experiences,that new crush ,that old brush,the bike you drive and college life.You thought there is nothing you cant do and there is nothing you fear .No responsibility of even your own life,driving fast and living life.

Then comes another beautiful perception of life,the stages comes ahead responsibility-clad Adulthood comes to you.You no more throw  your clothes in your closet and you know life is precious for you.,there is need to sustain and life to live…but you are eager for everything you believe.Still you laugh it out aloud so that there is shining in every cloud .

Now its time for using wrinkled free creams,don’t know whether it will make any miracle on the age .but you are back to the tantrums of childhood again very clumsy light and soft.

Withing the realms of imagination, the colourful rainbow went from beautiful to inspiring, and from inspiring to soothing. And as the days grew grim, it turned beautiful again,life is vicious circle

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