Thursday, 1 March 2012

Satan will say to those who choose to follow him

When you are angry, Satan is with you so calm down
When you say bad words, …so mind your words
When you think negative …so think positive
When think bad about others, . So never think bad about others
When you think evil, Satan is with you, So think good
When you think of hurting anybody
When your words become calamity
When you are disrespectful to your elders
When you think of destructing.

Remember but if you think only about doing good and acting good,Allah is with you  ,he will surely help you his hand ,but you have to choose which hand to hold 


  1. Nice to see it in writing.Mashah Allah.May Allah keep us away from thinking and doing bad.

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  3. @passionate indian
    yes truly said may allah keep us away from satan.

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  5. True and the closing statement is what the essence that all the religions in the world try to teach us. One who understands it is definitely a step closer to Him than those who don't.