Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Thats me in the crowd

I remember that very day when I realised that this is the world where people live in different world .They are good,they are bad,they are beautiful ,they are ugly,they selfish,they are dumb,they stylish,they are sluggish,they are flattered,they are thin,they are tall,they fat ,they are bad,they are crazy,they are cunning,they are cruel,they are religious,they are atheist,they are rich,they are poor,they are high class,they are second class,they are science ,they are commerce ,they are artificial,they are real,they are sweet,they are sober,they are aimless,they are mere!!

Lovely adjectives but this is all what is the world made up of and care about .My world was not made up of adjectives ,but it was all about living .Running behind these adjectives which is made by the world itself people forgot to live the life which is made by Allah.If we  start realising it sooner it will be better for us .

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