Friday, 30 March 2012

Those little hands

Those little hands
Should merry and play around
But don’t know why its making utensils sound
Cleaning the plates,bowls and spoons
Cute smile on a face what a boon
Fold those clothes and broom the floor
Is it what 7 year old have to do
Staring at cornflakes and fruits
Hungry eyes tempting to unmute
Still those small hands carrying big bags
Oh!there is so much to sell
Don’t know even the meaning of life
But they shout spoons  free with knife
Those little legs wants to play
Wants to jump hop and clay!
But this is not what their life meant to be
Stop Child labor and let the little minds free

Guys my post was to change our minds that paying anybody money and complete your work Please do check that your maid/newspapermen/milkman/bakery man etc is not below 18 years of age .
These age is definitely not meant for work !!!

** This post is an exclusive entry for Indiblogger Stayfree Time to Change contest


  1. Wonderful. Only a few minutes ago I read that Goa Medical College is employing child labor. Pity.

  2. @hariharan yes high time ...people just want to get their work down ....with whomsoever ...there is no mercy

  3. abs. brilliant.. so straight to the heart.. BANG on...

    Glad to have found you at Indiblogger. Your newest follower and a regular visitor now.

  4. hey kajal ..thanks for joining me ....i ll be obliged to have you in my followers list :)


  5. Amazing! Infact my college is known for cheap labor and 60% of times for child labor too! It's saddening ,really.

    your newest follower !:)
    have a lovely day!!:)

  6. @jen really cant see Child at work ....
    you are obliged ......
    have a lovely day :)

  7. Hey Farah, Kudos to your post. I landed up first time here.
    One thing I would like to mention here, everybody knows about this child labor problem since long. but how many of us are trying to do something for it. we write, discuss and forget.And when it comes to some debate or something we pick this topic again but never thought of a solution to it or coming forward to start from ourself doing a bit. Are you doing something ??
    It cannot be solved completely by government by making new laws or something. It has to be solved by us(including me and you).
    Don't take it as a offense. It's just my perspective about the issue.It has gone out of proportion since years has not been solved.

    Anyways kudos again to your way of expressing the situation(through poem). All the best for the contest.

    P.S. : Do ponder over the matter.

  8. @vipul....first of all apologies for replyin late...
    I completly agree wid u that v just listen and see but do not act ...n according to me ...v shud help childrn in best possble way v can

  9. very well said... left a twitch in my heart... a very sad reality...

  10. thanks for sharing this Farah... it is horrible a horrible crime... and you are right we must be aware, awake when we hire, when we purchase items so as not to be links in the chain that binds these children.

  11. @Bing rightly said,childrens working leaves a twitch!
    Thanks for comments

  12. @Laura ,yes Child labor is horrible crime but it is happening everywhere so shameful too

    Thanks for comments