Thursday, 5 April 2012

Chivalrous princess of Saudi Arabia

From where to start and from where to say,from my childhood days I have heard about middle east countries.Many of my mom’s friends travelled places like Saudi Arabia,Cairo,Cyprus etc
We Muslims,if financially sound have to visit out pilgrim place ,’Haj’ once in life time.My Dada ,Nana and Nani is lucky enough to visit this religious place.While some royal people I know who visits every year and others help the poor and old to visit haj .and that is all know about middle east.So no histrionic knowledge about these area.never heard much about the people or kingdom of Saudi.But i loved the way royals lived whatever i have seen in news and movies.

While I know people of different countries have different ideologies even if they are of same religion!.
That day I picked up a novel called as ‘The princess’ by jean sasson.Loved the agenda of the novel. It’s the true story of royal princess of Saudi Arabia  Princess ‘Sultana’ .Princess is a mind-boggling look at the everyday life of a contemporary woman in the 21,000 member-strong royal family.Anyone with the slightest interest in human rights will find this book heart-wrenching.Princess Sultana was the youngest princess and unique one too.what I learn from her was she completely aware what she wants and what she desires unlike other princess who left their destiny to their elders,while she make it to a point that she gets it.Even being surrounded by the walls know that she wants sun shining upon her,sorry for being poetic here.But the way sultana lived her life was ecstatic she was vivid,naughty,true,honest and frank.For royal people there were norms which all the princess had to follow and not following them means harsh punishment.But princess sultana as if  she had a hidden transparent no norms wall wrapped around her.She never liked injustice and see to it whatever she can do so that the culprit gets the punishment,even if the culprit is her brother.She knows that she cannot control other lives and decisions of others ,but she was pretty sure that she had all the control of her own life.and eventually she was the first princess to choose her own prince,her own life’s rules ,nobody can rule over her,she went till the top of the mountain to get what she want in spite of the barriers came ahead.For her money,power,norms,love,hate,relation,health does not matter if they all were wrong and she had the will to do everything alone.

Thank you, Sultana, for bravely sharing your life-story with the world. By taking this bold step, you have helped to humanize the Arabs, a people misunderstood by the West.

Thanks Jean P. sasson for writing such a beautiful narration !!

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