Monday, 23 April 2012

Guest post by Abhie

Amidst all this dust and humid hot summer we have a very interesting writer at my blog today.Presenting Abhimanyu singh aka Abhie

They say “Find something you’re passionate about and keep tremendously interested in it.”Yes,abhie have the same passion and craziness in his world.You stand right beside him and you will see that your universe is filled out with lots of catchy lines at times flirty too,humorous sentences and funny things which will surely make you laugh till your stomach out.Now this guy is having a hidden fa├žade of himself .Abhie is street smart person who is extremely talented when it comes to play with words,you see all his creativity through his posts in facebook,his every angle have another angle.As it is said ,”Har baap ka koi baap hota hain,aur use baap ko hum dadaji kehte hain “,sorry for the bad humour.

Yes abhie is best in catching the knack of every issue will it be rains,Bollywood,Crime,Actors,tsunami,titanic and many more to pen down.He is one of them to share the frame with famous comedian Russel peter(Applause)
His ultimate destination is Goa ,as he is of the type work hard and party harder and he is the one who strives to get what he wants and thus lives life as he wants !!

As a good friend of mines,this mahagreat person is writing a Guest post for me ,Thanks for sharing your pearls of words for me !!!

At the beginning of this post, I would like to apologize to Farah for taking so long for writing guest post for her blog. Why I took this much time is because I was out of words, line and imagination to write something for this great person.

We came to know her from our most amazing Lab 3 days. For those who don’t know what the Lab 3 is? Its Patni’s Learning center and we are put in batch of Lab 3. There were 35 of us in Lab 3 and Farah was one of the simple, sober, fun loving and wonderful person of them all.  “Farah transfer money for writing this line !!! hehe !!”

Jokes apart, what we notice when we see Farah is her beautiful giggling smile. You can say for sure that this is god’s own child i.e. “ Allah ki bandi “. That she will never think bad for anyone.  Always praying for others and also praying to get right dress while shopping.  Very helpful and kind. Obviously intelligent too as she is doing MBA. Farah was more than a lab rat of Lab 3. She is a good writer, very creative and also it is good to know that she wrote for MTV india once. How many of us have achieved it at this very young age !!!

Also I would like to say that for people who don’t believe in god, god send angels on earth so that jerks start to believe. So Farah is answer of God, its proof that, good nice people do exist in today’s brutal world. People who are so pure soul that they are untouched by this competition, survival of the fittest race. People who are on earth to just spread smile and love. This is the reason why world may never end.

Now this great person is soon marrying love of her life, our Bhaijan Sohel. Of course they both are lucky to find each other. A perfect match indeed. At one end we have hardcore biker, rocking and obviously cool guy and at other we have calm composed wonderful gal. They both complement each other very well and look great together as a couple.  It’s a match made in heaven for sure. Its really cool that they know each other since school days. This is surely going to be lovestory of lifetime.

I would like to congratulate both of you and wish you best of my luck for the journey that you are going to start together. Farah, we know for sure that you are in good company of Sohel and he will take care of you very well till the world ends. Oops I!! forgot world may never end as Farah is there !! hehe !!

All the best guys !!! keep rocking !!! cheers !!

 Courtesy of Abhimanyu Singh


  1. @ Abhie... tnx for the wonderful post!

    PS:dude, sach bol farah se kitne paise liye for referring her- “ Allah ki bandi,Farah is answer of God, Very helpful and kind, pure soul“ hehehe

  2. @So-hell ......main such bulvane ke paise nahi leti ............
    @Abhie that was so nice of u

  3. @Abhie - nice post Abhie..
    same question from my side.. kitne paise diye tuze farah ne.. :)


  4. Paise toh nahin liye but farah ne guarantee diya hai ki shadi main mujhe khane ke liye line main khada nahin rahana padega !!!

  5. Yes maine guarantee le li...