Friday, 13 April 2012

IPL or money making machine


Now here my brother’s exams are over and there he shouts for IPL tickets, since we are in Mumbai. We can easily reach Wankhede stadium. I smiled at him saying yes I will them for you and your friend and you can enjoy it .It’s really bad to be so proud in your sayings you have to check that before you say
I accessed, as you all know the IPL evolution. I quickly browsed the date and went on checking the availability, and my eyes could not believe that sitting and watching the live match is Oh so costly now .The lowest cost ticket is Rs 650/ while the highest is Rs 12500/- .it made me wonder that last time I went to IPL., since the ticket price was given by my friends I did not realized what was the price of the ticket? I quickly called him and response was Rs 600. “WHAT THE F? Was the first words came into my mind. As I remember there was least security there ?they check your bags and belongings more than thrice, however they only check whether you have powder or sunscreen or perfumes or deo with you, so that they can own it.They took my sunscreen, my face wash and my new talc too, they said they will not return it .So ultimately will go into their pockets .I still don’t  know what’s the main purpose checking the bags, while you are not allowed to take even the cold drinks with you, as they sell you Rs 20 cold drink for Rs 50 or more and mind you cold drink which is fizzed out in glasses covered with flaps and straw will surely give you surprise when your coke will taste like rasna. And still you drink it as shouting  sachin even though sachin is not listening to you ,has dried you lungs!!!Yes then in the hot sun when you are hungry you will get pan pizza worth Rs40 for Rs 100.The stands in the stadium has nothing fan sort of and even If you try showing your cardboards with cartoons they will not show them on televisions .In an all IPL in my view is money making days for producers, distributors, advertisers, organizers etc.All teams set to earn profit from IPL.

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