Monday, 7 May 2012

Reading the... to be brides mind

All women have, at some level, an amount of ‘wedding indoctrination’ buried deep within. We are raised to believe in the ‘fairy-tale romance’, and whether the idea is appealing or revolting, we’ve all been exposed over and over again to the notion of being rescued by a handsome prince riding in on a white horse. There’s also not much of a leap between a Bride and a Princess in the female psyche. 

But there is lot of beautification process which goes on in the mind of the to be bride,and I am obliged to write this as I will be the bride of the month and marrying my sweetheart 
I know the feeling of to be bride is quite excited and nervous at the same time and mind you both the feelings at the extreme .Its quite oblivious that all eyes are set upon you and you are the celebrity of your wedding .but apart from this it is quite different feeling setting up your moods at your highest and your lowest. You are still understanding yourself that wow you are so bad or wowie you are so good. Your wedding is the one of the most beautiful phase of your life which also comes with the responsibility too…but does not mean you stop enjoying life!! And you all brides there I say you stop listening to other people when they start narrating their stories ..and start listening all good things you can and do all the routine good things which you do.Do not for even a second think negative ,…or you can if have the ability to remove it from your head.Now all shaadi songs relates to me and my sweetheart !!and one pimple on my cheek everybody reminds me of my wedding day …I am taking care of my skin more and the temptation of those pani puris and vada pav is at times gone …I have become more of juice drinker ..juice drunkkk! And Imagining funny things like mummy daddy games will come true …or writing my name with his surname.. and also thinking whhat if my jokes are big PJ in front of his family …What if my food goes wrong..Can I say billabong..…and how does it sound referring yourself as bhabhi ..what if I act too childish..these things run in my mind ..i motivate myself looking into the mirror dulhanji its time for beauty sleep!!!!!!!

Lets check out  whats flying in my mind  

First thing……I am confused ,I m excited or I m nervous 
and i dint what emotions are playing in my mind
A big no to sun and dirt …I don’t want pimples
Life is so beautiful as always and now I can see all colors in my wardrobe too
Mom is saying yes to everything I buy    
My siblings oh they still fight
I am still the lazy chap to lay down on the sofa watching the Songs while my relatives are writing names on the wedding invitation cards
Beauty parlor oh every week….wow there is so much to do in parlous.
Everybody assumes I should be responsible but I still do ponder…
Shopping jumping and hopping
Oh what lehengas oh what colours
Matching bangles and matching sandals.

Mahsallah its the feeling which brings you on cloud 9


  1. I have always wondered how it'll be in bride's mind.. You have penned it down very beautifully... Happy wedding :)

    village girl

  2. @jaish thnx for the wishes

  3. @roopz ...yeah i tried to pen down some of my thghts

  4. Beautiful and touchy...Congratulations....wishing you fun filled marriage celebrations!

  5. @ME thanks 4 the wishes :)