Monday, 25 June 2012

Shopping Desire

At times,Shopping is the remedy of all you wounds .No wonder it made you smile when even you don't want ,you loved the discounts which activate your happy hormones.You sobbed for your favorite color stilletos you got to buy.Look at the Awesome Tshirt ....i ll look so pretty in that.Was i sad ?who said you !!


  1. Lol,, yes shopping is one of the best ways to spend ure time!!

    interesting post :)

  2. Shopping is the best medicine for stress busters.
    Its soo soothing when everything around is going dull.
    Great blog.
    Head over to my blog :)

  3. @SJ yes shopping is the best desire you can spent your time

  4. @varsha So Go shopping girl
    thanks for visiting my blog