Wednesday, 25 July 2012

how messy are you ?

Lets check out how messy are you ?

1.     Do you keep your socks out of your shoes (oh!lazy crap ..please do not separate them from each other ..they were made in heaven;p)
2.     Glass on the table (Wow…you keep glass on table ..try keeping on your head …lazy bones )
3.     Clothes on the chair (On the chair…do you think they also need clothes..thanks for covering them..they must be feeling naked before )
4.     Watch on the computer desk(that’s quite creative ..since computer at times need watch to see what time it is …that’s called creative help)
5.     Newspapers all over your room (Informative mess…you nerd…cover your room with colors , curtains ..and not newspaper)
6.     Keys you don’t know (you talking about any key  ….it will be the biggest mess..think again any key )
7.     Hangers hanging some where (try hanging yourself)
8.     Mouse pad talking with game pad (that’s nice pair …have you observed union of both)
9.     Mobile charger always on the socket (you think its decorative item..ahah)
10. Drawers half open (helping small time robbers)

This is the thinking process of Organized person to the messy person !Tell me who you are

Friday, 20 July 2012

Ramzaan mumbarak

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

you hold my hands

you hold my hands
you led me walk
got me a sweet
got me a bread
cheer me up
whenever i cry
u went hungry
and gave me all
u hold me up
whenever i fall
u woke all night
so that i get well
my smiling face cheers you up
i irritate you i blabber
still you make my favorite food
so that i all time look good

but i leave you alone
i love all money
you wont give me more money now
i don't need your affection now
i need fame
i need lifestyle
and i don't need your hand

Guys this is all what most of the children's do to their parents!!
Heard of many such stories i hope this stops some day
our parents need our love and affection not our money and lifestyle

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

4yrs in IT world

I walked and looked to and fro
People with computers all in the row
I sat on my seat with amazing gut
There came a guy calling me resource
They would give me project if I clear that client round
But oh dear I am already trained 6 months bound
They gave a document called SRS and FRD to read
To understand all yourself whatever you need .
Here is the software ,here is the tool
This is all you have to do why are you looking like a fool.
ID on your neck like a school girl .
Love those washroom,love those mirrors.
Wow says my heart when I saw interiors .
Oh says my mind when I saw my PM
So was TL  oh so freaking
Time sheets all the time they are talking
Client calls and meeting in all rooms

Here world is all about software's vrooom