Tuesday, 3 July 2012

4yrs in IT world

I walked and looked to and fro
People with computers all in the row
I sat on my seat with amazing gut
There came a guy calling me resource
They would give me project if I clear that client round
But oh dear I am already trained 6 months bound
They gave a document called SRS and FRD to read
To understand all yourself whatever you need .
Here is the software ,here is the tool
This is all you have to do why are you looking like a fool.
ID on your neck like a school girl .
Love those washroom,love those mirrors.
Wow says my heart when I saw interiors .
Oh says my mind when I saw my PM
So was TL  oh so freaking
Time sheets all the time they are talking
Client calls and meeting in all rooms

Here world is all about software's vrooom


  1. I also worked in an IT company one year...For me, it was terrible. All I could talk was to the computers.

    village girl

  2. I have completed 2 years in IT too. Loved your poem!

    Keep Blogging!

  3. @roopz ...awe i knw IT is cruel at times ...but u shud knw how to survive

  4. @nasir thanks ..and all the best