Wednesday, 25 July 2012

how messy are you ?

Lets check out how messy are you ?

1.     Do you keep your socks out of your shoes (oh!lazy crap ..please do not separate them from each other ..they were made in heaven;p)
2.     Glass on the table (Wow…you keep glass on table ..try keeping on your head …lazy bones )
3.     Clothes on the chair (On the chair…do you think they also need clothes..thanks for covering them..they must be feeling naked before )
4.     Watch on the computer desk(that’s quite creative ..since computer at times need watch to see what time it is …that’s called creative help)
5.     Newspapers all over your room (Informative mess…you nerd…cover your room with colors , curtains ..and not newspaper)
6.     Keys you don’t know (you talking about any key  ….it will be the biggest mess..think again any key )
7.     Hangers hanging some where (try hanging yourself)
8.     Mouse pad talking with game pad (that’s nice pair …have you observed union of both)
9.     Mobile charger always on the socket (you think its decorative item..ahah)
10. Drawers half open (helping small time robbers)

This is the thinking process of Organized person to the messy person !Tell me who you are

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