Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Arranged marriage syndrome

I know I cant remind myself that I am married,wowie I promise I wont personalise this post!
The word Marriage enters the life of a girl as soon as she completed her education ,for some before that,some Family decides and for other some their decision .
Lets Check out the Awesome verses for Love marriage v/s Arrange marriage

1.Searching for Groom
Arrange marriage-I want a handsome guy with handsome salary with handsome car (Excuse me everything handsome are you handsome).Tell me do you get everything as per your requirements keep this aside girl .
Have a look at the profiles of the handsome ones

hi i m dharmesh raval looking for good girl in usa i m doing bissnes i m opticians i m in rajkot (gujarat) india looking for simpl n good girl in usa(what bissness and why simple girl in USA when you in gujrat)

This is ashish panchal from India.it is very difficult to describe any one in a words, because we can't understand someone after living our whole life with him or her. But let me try to describe myself. I m very simple, honest & senti kind of person. i believe in 4S (Safe, Simple, Secure & Strate forward)policy for my life. Besically i belong to Lower-Middle Class family. I m very reserve kind of personality but i have a lots of friends. My every friend has speciality. U know why? because they have friend like me(Full marks on writing composition on Myself)

im extremly attractive and handsome guy looking for a well settled NRI girl.(attractive you possessing magnet quality)
im very loving and loyal.
Can be a excellent husband.(You are so experience husband that you rated yourself as excellent lolz)
 Now tell me how will you find suitable groom for you from this matrimonial sites.

2.To be Groom’s first encounter 

I know its crazy to showcase yourself in front of the family and the groom with the tray of samosas and Tea in hand and Duppata on head and adroitness on face
  • What’s your name ?(Even though everybody knows your name)girl they are checking you are not deaf or dumb
  • Studying …okay(No I sell these samosas at local stores..4 rs each)
  • My son had done this and this and this(So why he landed here ???)
  • Nowadays its allowed to be alone with guy to talk and know each other (wow …know each other in one day or 25 minz I must be astronaut Oooops astrologer)

 3.Rejections from Grooms side 
This always gets into my nerves,Grooms family assume that their son is the prince and they ultimately need a princess
  • Very black I want fair girl(Are you endorsing Fair and lovely or what)
  • Should be Slim?(Look at you Fat hippo)
  • I did not like her nose(So fix it ….youu)
  • Not so modern(So choose Gaga)
  • My son looks younger than her(Really must be using Ponds age miracle)
  • I think she stammers
  • Not jovial (should jump and laugh)
  • Not so beautiful(you want Aishwarya or Katrina ?)

Lastly,marriages are made in heaven and heaven is prearranged with love.So all the best for your marriage and make sure you make the right decision

This blog article is inspired by Sony entertainment Television's upcoming fun serial
Love Marriage ya Arranged Marriage.


  1. nice post :) all the best!!

    have a look at this one too when you get time and do promoteit on indiblogger if you like it :)


  2. quite intresting
    though nt been throgh any of them i really feel..
    arrange marraiges r very difficult to digest...
    bt r a easy optun caus u always hav support..
    but in india our atmosphere makes sure tht v dnt go for luv marraige...caus if v did n cum thru a normal prob it will b like.."ur choice ur prob"..its rely surprisin our family hav so mch ego n how dey forget its OUR life in the end...
    marraige was meant for two people to spend life together but now its mor of a ego issue for parents vs children.
    I appreciate those parents who support their kids..:)

    1. @misba marriages are made in heaven :) you just to support heaven

  3. @saurabh thanks !! All the best to you too