Wednesday, 8 August 2012

I saw hell on earth

Dont do bad things or you will go to hell
I asked always what is hell like

Humans were not humans
relatives became unknown and formal
Life became machines .
People were  clusters of ant
Some were crying,some were dying
but you know nobody cares
I stand still  and stare
I saw devil 
and angels are no where 
I was afraid and scared
I saw humanity died and played around
People were  laughing
people were  crying
There were so many distress
so many distraught
felt so helpless and so disturbed 
I cried so hard but nobody heard
even my voice went unheard by myself
there was no shoulders to cry
no company to eat
no water to drink
i saw blood
i saw fear
i saw love in the eyes of the dears
rich and poor all in one line
fighting for life
time was less and number was more
whom to save and whom to not
 I was more 
Felt like shouting to Allah
If this is hell on earth !
what will be real Hell like

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