Thursday, 25 October 2012

Bakri Eid


I remember the days my chachu(father's brother) use to bring those goats, about two or three goats from and my cousin would plunged upon them .Yes we are animal loving  human beings. We use to treat those goats like human beings, we had named them. Allah baksh,Khuda baksh and Raja… we would feed them well. We would sacrifice our sleep for them and take care of them. Taking them for a walk in nearby green areas was fun too. Those goats would love to eat chanas .Bakri eid were the days we would feed bread to almost all the goats in our colony. All the kids especially boys ,they would make their goats fight, and yes goats were eager  to fight too. Like human, goats have different types of nature too, some are angry, some are cool, some are reserved and some are joyful. We Muslims celebrate bakri eid in the world, to honor the willingness of Ibrahim(Prophet) to sacrifice his son before god; however god replaced his son with a sheep. Eid ul adha celebrations are just after haj, annual pilgrimations at Mecca. We refer as qurbani to sacrificing our goats and then starts distribution of the mutton, as per our religion some part or mutton is given to relatives, some part is given to poor, some part is given to friends while the smallest part is kept for home. Whole day is spent in distributing mutton to them .Mom prepares sweet for us in the morning of Eid.
                  Bakri eid leaves a special mark to us.

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Cooking women

She gets up early
Makes breakfast
Strive to eat her own
She don’t like it cold but cannot have it hot
She cleans her house
as her duty
She cuts the onions with tears in her eyes
Chopped the vegetables
Wash the chicken
Clean the rice
Washed it thrice
Make the gravy
Time goes by
She does it all alone

She is hungry and tired
But clothes are yet to be washed
Her room is yet to be clean
She is in mood of shopping
Jumping and hopping
She thrives for time
To make it all mines
She is the married women
Working all time
She just wants your love
Wants to hear appreciation for her food
That she makes good
But you say salt is less
You don’t know to cook
She is still hungry
And hook

Friday, 19 October 2012

Nine ways to feed the poor

Feed the poor not with your money but with some food 

let’s look at some of the ways which help us make a better place on earth may not be a rich dynamite, even if you belongs to a middle class, we all can afford
a extra 2 vadapavs which can be given to street kids or hungry kids

2.Leftover party food can be distributed to nearby poor people instead if throwing it.

3.We give parties,dawaats,lunch,dinner,langar,bhatyaaar,or distribute sweets in our buildings
do they really need that food? instead you can distribute that food to the people who actually need that food
4.Even one chocolate can make a poor child happy, even they like chocolate(try some day)

5.Party to poor people ,one day you can make tasty pulao and distribute it to poor people

6.Get birthday blessing, distribute sweets to poor people

7.instead of buying flowers to temple/dargaah/church buy some food for poor ,Allah will surely bless you

8.its always not necessary to give them stale food or leftovers ,even you make one plate extra it can fill one stomach

9.lastly ,you will surely will a sense of god and blessings of god when you help in filling some body’s stomach

Thanks for reading !! Also lemmme know if you have more ideas 

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Just like that

American Horror Story
romney ryan              citi                                    vikram pandit
        recession   obama  kyana treacy
      Melville    megan fox
        saifeena             Eminem                     Rev jackson

lane         goodwin           earthquake                  ventures
        India             USA                                            cabin fever
        big boss
 Microsoft surface
jailbreak                                                presidential debate

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Mystery girl

Hot and sexy
Sweet and bubbly
Oh so childish
Yet so matured
Clever babe
Smart make
Eyes are deep
Talking kindly
Hairs are Rapunzel
Dimple chin
Stylish gleam
Smiling cute
Talkative but mute
She will make history
She is mystery

this post is exclusively written for Mystery Girl”theme contest from

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Join hands for education

No money for food
No water to drink 
How can I study ,tell me oh brink 
You have to study anyway my girl
You have a will ,god will show you the way
But moma father is so poor
I know my dear
Studying will make independent and strong
It will help us to fulfill the basic need
But education is so costly nowadays
Dont worry my child ,you keep your passion to study 

MESCO ,a A Trust Since 1968 it helps Education, Medical assistance, Women Empowerment & Poverty Relief touches over 10,000 families annually, through various projects & Institutions.It started by a few friends who constituted the first Executive Committee .
It will help you in education if you or your siblings/relatives are scoring well and want to study more but are financially disabled.All you have to do is contact  this NGO or reach their office which is located in Mahim(Mumbai).Fill the form and submit the required documents ,they will give a date when you can receive a cheque for that education.
Guys please pass on the message to needy who wants to get educated ,this NGO will help them for sure 
While who can donate for the cause can please join hands !

Modern Educational Social & Cultural Organization Regd. Office:110, Natalwala Building, V. S. Road, Mahim, Mumbai (W) - 400 016. Admin. Office: 4, Sayeed House Building, 63/65, V.S. Marg, Mahim, Mumbai (W) - 400 016. Tel.: 009122-24455365 / 24441442 / 2640 5008 Telefax: 24448637 / 2640 5012

Go and study Oh Child

Go and study otherwise you will not get your favourite chocolates.
I want to jump hop and play
You want to become a fruit seller or vegetable seller at market
Let me watch my cartoon
Exams are approaching
Games please
Eat you food otherwise you will become weak
Mom stop making fusses and let me play
School time go run

Sleep, your eyes will pain in this street light
I want to study, exams are near
I want to become a doctor with gear
Boy, you are hungry I fear
I ate that one chapatti at noon
Will drink water and sleep
I will gift you a ball after your exams
Thanks a lot Mom

This post is exclusively written for Help A Child to Study NGO  who sponsors the higher education of meritorious underprivileged students, supporting them to achieve dreams of a better future.

Monday, 15 October 2012

Foreign minds in Indian cult...Pubs n all

In foreign countries, people are so open to everything that party,drinks,drugs ,virginity is just another game for them .They lose their virginity in their early teens and then they keep losing it with anyone any stranger, boy next door, just like that friends, party friends ,relatives or just anybody. This is foreign culture, they party hard, drink harder, take drugs and lose upon each other .and then they say we live life fully.
And now coming to India, we are generation next we too believe in parties and according to me there is no wrong in attending parties and dancing to tunes ,but there are some ifs and buts here
-No late nights
-No Hard drinks
-No drugs
-Of course keep yourself in control

This is my personal opinion, but I will narrate you real incident my friend who is regular party goer and as I wanted to know more about these pubs and discs. His name is Rocky(fake name)
Me: So how often you go to parties?
Rocky: Often, I don’t know anytime mostly on Fridays, Saturday nights .or whenever I get a discount coupon

Me: Really coupons, so much they generally charge
Rocky: OH you are a girl, you will be free. As in pubs people come to see girls only, While we boys if we come with boys it’s called as stag entry. And poor we are charged case of couple the guy gets discount. So it’s better if we go with girls
Me: That’s great for girls, rocky. So must be taking your girlfriend with you right.
Rocky: Excuse me, girlfriend, she is the most decent person and she is my love and decent people are not allowed in pubs, personally I would not like her to go there.
Me: that means you are not decent
Rocky: I am, but the crowd which visits pubs most of them are cheap ones with cheap foreign mentality. Guys have black eyes on every other girl. While the girls there have blue eyes on most of the guys.
Me: Is it real picture?Coz I have gone to one of the pub with  group of  my friends, however the guys were too protective about us and we had an orange juice only.
Rocky: Poor you, juice in pub! But nice about the protective guys as everybody can lay chance on you .Girl it depends with which group you go, but I am talking about the general crowd in pubs.Some of them are wasting money on pubs, they are rich ones. While some of them are making money in pubs.

You will see girls from shooting back grounds, those back dancers, girls in the crowds of films, strugglers, dream models, media aims. Some of them ran from homes and came to Mumbai to achieve fame and success, but now dancing on the tunes of Mumbai.
Me: What about the paparazzi of pubs and clubs? Do those girls and guys really make their career out of it?
Rocky (smiles): what do you think?, you are a perfect interviewer ,going deep inside haan!
Me (raising eyebrows): No re, I am just curious what’s happening around?
Rocky: look these girls come in short skirts, straight hairs ,lots of make-up, high heels and open attitude, I can give respect more to prostitutes than them. They throw themselves to almost each and every guy, and have fun! While guys take good advantage
Me: Boys will be boys
Rocky: You should meet one of them, and you will know how they are!!Or how they have become
Me:Anyways thanks for the wonderful and disgraceful insights

Lost shopping card!!

Now shopping card act as a cash card, but it’s not like a cash card .No I am not saying you can exchange it with cash, but you can shop with it as with cash. And you can lose it too

Yes, I lost my shoppers stop gift voucher .but there is no way to know who redeemed it.Bad card culture! If you lose your credit card or debit card you will know who is using it or you can stop the card with the help of the card number but no not in case of these bloody shopping vouchers .yeah I know am frustrated about it, I lost my shopping voucher worth Rs 6000/ heard it right

Oh my shopping card
Where are you
And with whom
I am missing you
Oh that clothes
Oh that perfume
Oh that stilettos could be true
Yes I am missing you
Don’t know who is owning you
And who is using you
Yes I am missing you
Oh my shopping card